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Nigel Payne: From Santander to the South Coast

Nigel Payne: From Santander to the South Coast

Nigel Payne is Client Results Manager for Arise Virtual Solutions, EMEA. Prior to joining Arise, Nigel worked in a variety of account management roles within the financial and warranty services industries; the skills he acquired during that time provided an ideal platform for the transition into his current role at Arise. “For four years I worked at...

Phil Gosling: The journey – How I became a successful Arise IBO

Phil Gosling: The journey - how I became a successful Arise IBO

Home Telecom Professionals is run by Phil Gosling, an Arise Independent Business (IB) based in Essex. After working as a retail manager for over twenty years, Phil certified as an Arise professional in September 2014. He currently has nine Client Service Professionals (CSPs) affiliated to his IB, servicing a variety of Arise clients, with a further 11 currently...

Broadband Update – focus on Wales

Broadband Update - Focus on Wales

A ‘Digital Divide’ was witnessed in Wales in 2011 wherein urban areas were receiving superfast broadband services in excess of 30 mbps whilst the rural areas were seen struggling with basic broadband provision of 2 megabits per second. Policy makers responded to this divide by providing public funding to initiate investment in broadband in commercially...

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Have We Created The Perfect Customer Experience Storm? – Part 2

Have we created a perfect CE storm?

Part 2 - The Operation:  Keir Greenwood is the UK Vice President of Client Results at Arise Virtual Solutions, a unique specialist provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO),that uses a virtual Work at Home operation enabled and supported by leading edge technologies, innovative processes and highly skilled and motivated human resources. With a network of...

The Future of Work – Where will working from home take us?

The Future of Work - Where will working from home take us?

Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm spurred on by a growing sharing economy work ethic and a new employment law to support flexible working for every employee.