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From Little Acorns Grow Big Trees – Small Business Success Stories

From Little Acorns Grow Big Trees - Small Business Success Stories

Setting up your own home-based small business can be highly rewarding. Entrepreneurs are using their homes to bring business ideas to life. The obvious benefits of working from home are that you save time on commuting, have the choice to build your business around your family life and experience the joy of working for yourself. Here are some success stories of...

Why Your Small Business Should Use Twitter and How

Why Your Small Business Should Use Twitter and How

Twitter boasts over 500 million users, with 135, 000 new users signing up every single day. It is a great place to build your brand, and stay connected with your target audience. Using a social media platform like Twitter can result in long-term clients and customers that will vouch for you. It is also a platform that enables customers to feel more connected to...

What makes a small business successful?

What makes a small business successful?

A successful small business is the result of that ‘one’ courageous decision made by an entrepreneur – they created a vision, articulated it, and relentlessly drove it to completion. Running a small business can be exceptionally rewarding, as it gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and create employment for others. However, there are no guarantees...

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Bible Of Urban Cool Backs A Rise In Work At Home


Today’s article on the growth of London’s live/work spaces in that bible of urban cool Time Out marked yet more recognition of the continued adoption of work-at-home as both a lifestyle and economic choice for many people in the UK. Figures released from the Office for National Statistics recently showed that over four million people in the UK now regularly...

Another Season Is Upon Us

Keir Greenwood

Autumn has arrived and, at least in the North West, it is delivering some amazing weather that was sadly lacking through the summer months!  My home office is in the basement of my house and so I really value the one window I have, which perfectly frames a broad and no doubt ancient horse chestnut tree.  Throughout this year, I have watched it grow from a bare...