Admission Process

1. Create a profile to begin the admissions process (click on the orange button at the top of the page!)

2. Join one of our regular live information sessions times listed below or watch the prezzi.

3. Complete an automated 10-minute voice assessment.

4. Complete a background check. Additional background checks may be required for certain projects.

5. Learn about Arise and the Arise infrastructure and systems through a self-paced course, Client Support Professional 101.

6. Register your company with the Arise Network (or if you are working for a company already in the Arise Network, register your affiliation with such company)

7. Choose the client program you would like to service and complete a client certification course to learn about the client program, performance metrics, client systems, and more.

8. Your company will sign a Statement of Work for each client program you choose to service and then you can start taking calls!