Acronyms :-

CSP - Client Support Professional – An individual who works for an Independent Business as a call centre agent.

CSP101 – Client Support Professional 101 - This is the basic course providing the fundamentals of Arise systems and infrastructure for IBOs and their CSPs.

IB – Independent Business – A small business contact centre incorporated as a limited company that has been contracted to provide contact centre services on client programme for a fee.

IBO - Independent Business Owner – this is the owner of an Independent Business.

SOW - Statement of Work – An agreement between Arise and an Independent Business that outlines the client specific servicing obligations, including performance expectations, hours of service, service level metrics and service fee rates.

PC – Priority Commitment – The number of intervals of servicing required in the SOW. An “interval” is a 30 minute period. For example, if the SOW requires 15 intervals of service during the week, with 2 of the 15 intervals being serviced on a Saturday and/or Sunday, this is referred to as the Priority Commitment.

Arise Virtual Solutions is changing the way companies think about contact centre services. Arise provides a virtual platform to connect primarily work-at-home small contact centre businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies. For over a decade, Arise’s platform has enabled superior and extremely flexible customer contact, business processing and consulting solutions for numerous companies around the globe, uniquely blending crowdsourcing innovation, virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Please explain the opportunity.

Arise will offer the telephony and infrastructure that allows your business to provide services that typically involve customer contact by telephone, email or chat.  These contacts cover a wide variety of customer enquiries and can often include an element of selling of supplementary products or services.
Working with Arise, you and your CSPs will have:
  • The opportunity to run your own company and be your own boss
  • The flexibility to service various clients from the comfort of your own home at the times that you choose
  • The ability to set your own schedule in half hour intervals and to plan your work around your personal life and other commitments.
As with starting any new business, there are costs involved. You can determine which of these costs are tax deductible by contacting a reputable accountant.   Costs will vary based on the equipment you already have or need to purchase.  Assuming you already have a computer, fixed landline and a stable, highspeed broadband connection, other costs will include:  
  • Background Check (which must be completed by you and all of your CSPs) – £25 through Disclosure Scotland.  If you already possess a basic or enhanced Disclosure that is dated within 6 months of you starting the Admissions steps then we can accept this also.
  • CSP101 Basic Certification Course – £15
  • Client Specific Certification Course – These cost from £20-£100 depending on length and complexity of the certification course.
  • Limited company set up – from £15 online with Companies House.  If you decide not to set up your own company but to join an Independent Business, you will need to discuss your compensation with the Independent Business Owner.
  • 2 x Headsets – VoIP (USB style) headset for client certification classes and a telephone headset with noise cancelling capabilities to replace the handset on your telephone.
  • Platform User Fee – Your company will be charged a £20 platform usage fee for each of your CSPs using the Arise infrastructure to provide services on behalf of your company.  This fee covers the use of Arise’s technology systems.  The monthly fee is only payable for the CSPs that are servicing.
Arise does not contract with individuals. The Arise model is based on a business-to-business relationship and we only contract with Limited Companies. You will not be employed by Arise, but instead you will run your own company and work alongside Arise to build your own business. If you already have an existing Limited Company of which you are the principal owner, you may use this to contract with Arise. If you don’t have a Limited Company you can establish one through Companies House. Their website is: You may also set up a Limited Company by using the services of a company formation agent or an accountant.
You have the option to contract with an existing Independent Business already operating within the Arise network that is looking for agents..
Your Independent Business is paid Service Revenues by Arise via direct deposit into their business bank account twice each month. Arise provides Independent Businesses with an invoice reflecting the breakdown of each payment attributable to the services performed by each of your Client Support Professionals.
If you operate under your own limited company, you will be required to set up a business bank account in the name of your limited company.  Arise cannot process payments to a personal bank account.
Payment for services rendered on client programmes is done in any one of three ways: per call, per talked minute, or per hour.  The amount of revenue earned by your company is completely up to you, depending on your costs, how many CSPs you employ, how much they work and what programmes they choose.
Every client programme will have a minimum number of hours that each IB will be required to service per week. This will depend upon the actual needs of the client. The minimum requirement is typically 15 hours per week, but this will vary from client to client.  Some clients may also require that a small number of hours be serviced at weekends.  All of the requirements for a particular client programme are posted on the Opportunity Announcement located on the Arise portal. It is very important that you thoroughly review the Opportunity Announcement for the programme you are interested in servicing.
No.  Hours are posted weekly and you will book your schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, Arise cannot guarantee a minimum number of hours.  The most popular hours for a particular client programme are posted on the Opportunity Announcement located on the Arise portal. It is very important that you thoroughly review the Opportunity Announcement for the programme you are interested in servicing. Your CSPs should not have any difficulties finding hours to work. Clients generally engage with Arise to provide support at their busiest times.  However, please keep in mind that these times may not always match those that you would ideally like to service. You can certify for more than one client programme to ensure a maximum number of hours is available to you.
Yes.  However, your CSP cannot enrol on two client certification courses at the same time and can only service one client programme per interval.
All of the current client programmes require services be provided in the United Kingdom only.
The standard SOW duration with Arise is three or four months.  There are occasions whereby the SOW may be shorter.
The only reason a SOW is terminated is because you are not meeting the SOW requirements.
If you fail the Admissions IQ assessment, you will need to wait 30 days before your account can be reset. Once the 30 day period has elapsed, please contact us at to request for your profile to be reset.  Please note your profile cannot be reset before this period has elapsed and you should not create a new profile in the meantime. We allow you TWO attempts to successfully complete Admissions IQ.
Client Certification Classes are announced based on the business need of the clients. IBs and their CSPs who have completed the Admissions process will be notified of new classes by e-mail and in the Arise portal. All Certification Classes are held online in a virtual classroom with a combined approach of instructor led and self-paced curriculum. You will attend from home and the opportunity announcement will specify when the classes are held.
Once a Client Certification Class is announced that you would like to attend, you will need to successfully complete Enrolment RFP and secure your place by paying the course fee. The course fee will vary depending on both the client and the complexity of the certification class.
When you are logged in the portal, click on “Contact Support” at the top of the screen, and select “Live Tech Support Chat”. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note the Admissions team are unable to assist you with technical queries. We recommend you review the Workstation Requirements and ensure you meet the requirements before contacting the Support Desk.
To service clients, you are required to use a standard analogue phone line similar to those provided by BT, Virgin and SKY. If you do not use your existing telephone line for personal use during your working hours, you can make it your dedicated telephone line. The telephone line should have no functionality such as Call Waiting, Voice Mail, or Caller ID. VoIP/Mobile phone lines are not suitable for servicing clients and are therefore prohibited.
Yes. Your CSPs will need two headsets. A VoIP headset for client certification classes and a Telephone Headset to service the calls hands free.  You do not need to use a specific brand, but we recommend using a good quality brand such as Logitech, Plantronics, Sennheiser or Creative headsets.