How to start your own company

As a small-business owner, it is important to conduct your affairs in a professional and businesslike manner, which includes keeping accurate books and records to track your productivity and make necessary adjustments in order to meet your business objectives. Accurately recording items of business income and expense, as well as keeping original source documents that substantiate your income and expenses, is essential for proper income tax reporting.

There are various affordable software packages on the market today that enable you to perform basic bookkeeping tasks on your personal computer. Moreover, you are encouraged to consult with a qualified accountant or tax adviser, who has the training and experience to recommend an effective bookkeeping strategy for you. Implementing effective bookkeeping methods in the beginning will allow you to later devote more attention and energy toward building your business.  The following is a list of accountancy firms who have indicated their interest in working with Arise CSPs:

Note: The above list of accountants does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Arise, but is provided for informational use and your convenience.  It is your responsibility to decide which resources are right for your business.  These companies are in no way affiliated with or controlled by Arise and Arise does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the acts or omissions of such companies.