Arise Launches New Admissions Site

Arise Virtual Solutions has launched its new Partner Admissions Site!

This has allowed us to focus on improving ease-of-use, scalability, and versatility between the Arise Network and future Independent Businesses and Client Support Professionals. All new CSP’s working through the Arise Admissions Process are now more informed than they have ever been and have a visually superior experience thanks to the new Admissions Site.

New additions include -

  • Tooltips – Each step has a helplink (Tooltip) that informs and instructs on the requirement of each step.
  • Progress Bar - CSP’s can now keep track of their progress throughout the Admissions process.
  • Integrated Information Session - Before a CSP starts the Admissions skills based steps they must watch a recorded Information Session, this ensures all CSP’s are fully informed and educated in all things Arise.
  • Enhanced Admission Chat – The Admissions team can now remotely access a CSP’s screen (If authorised) to help resolve any issues.
  • Admissions Dashboard – The entire Admissions process is now summarised on one screen, the ‘Admissions Dashboard’. Each step opens and closes as CSP’s successfully move through the process.

Most Importantly, feedback from our new CSP’s has been very positive and we are delighted that the new Partner Admissions Site is working as planned!

This is just one of many enhancements planned for 2012, be sure to check in regularly for news on further enhancements!

Access the admissions page here, by clicking on “Apply Now”.


  1. regina strhan /

    need to kown how to get started to day please call me 214-573-3134, i have already done,read the online thing and click get started, now what do i do

  2. Patricia /

    Hello I sign up about a month ago paid for my background check it came back clear. But now I can’t log back into the system and admissions keep telling me they are working on this problem its almost a month since I paid for the background now what?

  3. Rita Joyce Johnson /

    I have applied to be a partner with Arise but my Profile was deactivated. I have finished voice assessment and my criminal background check was cleared. I have sent several requests to be reactivated and supplied all of the requested documentation but have not received a response in over 3 weeks. Please advise.

  4. Kenneth Clark /

    Hello, my name is Kenneth Clark and I am already an agent with Arise. It has been a while since I was on the site and unfortunately, I cannot remember my password for logging in nor can I remember the email address I originally set everything under. Is there anyway you can help me either retrieve this info or reset my password? Please advise ASAP, thanks.

  5. Hopemccullough /

    I have done everything but the voice assement and the back ground check But it is not letting me back in. I need to know what to do.

  6. I have filled out an app for you all and I have passed to background check and now I need to know what to do next. I am ready to work as soon as I can so please get back to me thank you

  7. Debra /

    I am able to log in to my account from one computer, but not from my other computer. I get to the login page, click on Partner Login, enter my ID and password. It just grinds away and eventually an IE page comes back saying that this page cannot be displayed. I worked with an Arise tech the other day for quite some time and it is not resolved. How do I get this computer to work with your login? This is my main computer.

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