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BlogHer is the largestonline community for female bloggers, which was launched in 2005 as a response to the lack of visibility for women who blog. BlogHer has published an article on home working, – “ Working From Home: The Virtual Choice for Military Familiesby CSP, Tara Paris. Tara is a Navy reservist who was recently deployed to Afghanistan, and her fiancé (and IBO), Robert Bradford, is a Marine Corps Sergeant and the CEO of Blue Falcon Communications Inc, an independent business in the Arise network.

Tara’s story and blog post is a great example of why a business partnership with Arise can be a great solution for families who have to relocate to a new area frequently – such as military families. Frequent moving would traditionally necessitate the spouse to find a new job in each new location, which are often based physically far away from job opportunities. Having heard of the opportunity from their neighbours, Tara’s fiancé set up a company and has 14 individuals, including Tara, working for it.

In her article Tara describes the multiple benefits of working virtually with Arise and explains why she would recommend the Arise opportunity for any military spouse as well as soldiers transitioning to civilian life.


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