After a long search, you have finally found your dream job – a work from home opportunity that perfectly fits in with your requirements. You can now work flexi-hours, avoid the daily commute and evade the stress of a traditional office environment. But great jobs need great skills. And whilst there are a few key skills that everyone needs to be able to work from home, as specialists in work from home opportunities, at Arise we believe , that you need much more than just excellent communication and management skills to be a work from home pro. You need to up the ante with technical knowledge, especially if you are going to work remotely and all by yourself.

Being technically sound when you work from home


You might be great at keeping your home and workspace organised and you know how to efficiently manage your time but are you digitally organised? Working remotely means mostly working alone, without team-mates or interns to lend a helping hand. As a digital age professional, you need to integrate new-age tools to help you work smarter, better and faster. From online task organising tools to work group apps to help you collaborate with your colleagues, you need to be at the forefront of these state-of-the-art options to keep your work organised, manage your schedules, documents, your team’s activities and assess your work. When working from home, you won’t necessarily be working at your desk all day. So, for your on-the-go moments, use cloud storage for your files, documents and media so you can access them easily and quickly, wherever you are.

Data sharing

As we move onto a new generation of work culture, we need to upgrade our work practices, which also includes how we share information. As a digital-age professional, you must know which tool to use and when. For instance, if you need to share a heavy data file, like a video, multiple images or a presentation loaded with media files, it is advisable to use a cloud sharing platform and not emails. And if your data is on the cloud (as mentioned above), you can easily share it with just one click.

Project Management

Working alone means managing most of the tasks single-handedly. Upgrading your management skills or getting hands-on training in Project Management can go a long way in helping you to handle multiple projects all by yourself. Also, basic knowledge of project management applications like Asana, Basecamp and similar others can also give you an edge while working remotely.


You might be a great communicator and a natural wordsmith. Your emails are articulated – using the right words at the right time, for the right audience. But do you know which messaging tools to use and when? And for whom? Emails are very 1990s. Work 2020 is about instant communication and prompt solutions. You cannot and should not always rely on email when you have better and faster ways to communicate. Looking to get an immediate response from your team and peers? Use instant messaging like Skype to talk to your colleagues and clients and get real-time feedback. If you want to send survey forms to your customers, use Google Forms to build and share the same, instead of sending questions in an email.  Today is all about finding smarter ways to communicate when you are your own boss. Choosing the right tool for the right purpose is the key to being an efficient professional.

Software skills

Are you in sync with the hottest tech-trends? You do not have be to a programming wiz or a tech-guru but knowing about the most popular tools and how to use them can help you get your work done without being dependant on specialists all the time.  Whether you are managing and creating webpages or a website, or building blogs or sending newsletters to your clients, knowledge of basic software like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CMS (Content Management System) is essential if you are constantly working with digital assets. Imagine creating, editing and managing digital assets and being the master of all for your business.

We live in a generation where information is boundless, available at our fingertips and highly volatile. What you see today goes off the face of internet tomorrow. Learn, unlearn, and relearn and grow as an expert, even when you work on your own, from your home.

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