Arise investigates accreditation opportunity for courses

Recently at Arise, we have been investigating the various ways in which we can have our courses accredited. There are two points whereby a course could be accredited, namely the ACP101 course and/or the client specific training. Since more Client Support Professionals (CSPs) take and pass the ACP101 course, it may well be that this is the most appropriate course to accredit, though whether this is through an industry standards body such as the CCA (Customer Contact Association), or a more generic qualification such as an NVQ, is also under investigation.

The key to which option if any is taken, may well rest with the issue of cost and where the cost burden should lie. In an ideal world, Arise would like a one off cost to accredit the course and then be able to apply this to everyone who passes. However, mindful of the fact that the accrediting body may wish to apply a ‘per CSP’ charge, Arise is keen to investigate if accrediting a course actually enhances the value of the course to those taking it and therefore increases both the quality of the course and of the calibre of CSPs taking it. If the answers to both of these questions is ‘yes’, then accrediting ACP101 may be worth the outlay for the additional benefit it returns in quantity and quality of Client Support Professionals.

Watch this space!