Arise Source New Client Support Professionals in Rural Communities

Dickon Moon, Director of Strategic Sourcing in EMEA, recently visited the Isles of Scilly in his quest to source new Client Support Professionals (CSPs) and was surprised to find that several people in the rural community had already set up limited companies.

Dickon Moon talks about homeworking at Radio Scilly

A key component of an CSP’s relationship with Arise is the Virtual Services Company (VSC), the name given by Arise to the limited company entity through which Client Support Professionals engage with us. Recent experience suggests that in the UK, people in rural communities tend to have already needed to tackle the issue of setting up limited companies in order to maximize their opportunities to work, often using one company to cover a range of seasonal activities. These people are another target group for Arise, since their entrepreneurial nature is a given and understanding of homeworking models often advanced.

During the course of the next 12 months, Arise will investigate how to reach these communities to enable such entrepreneurs to maximize the use of their limited companies, perhaps by adding other CSPs under their banner.

We are interested to hear from any potential Client Support Professionals from this demographic on how best to approach their peers; as we aim to be the champion of rural communities in the UK!

Click here to listen to Dickon Moon’s section on homeworking on Radio Scilly