Arise Brings work Home to UK

Arise brings jobs home to UK

Building on Arise’s work with the White HouseUS Federal Communications CommissionArise Virtual Solutions is now pushing for similar impact in the UK.

Arise has already been doing its bit to bring work opportunities back onshore, but is keen to do more. We are working alongside our clients demonstrating that homeshoring improves Customer Service whilst reducing costs and providing flexible work opportunities all over the UK. This makes it a real and attractive alternative to sending work offshore. Some clients have described it as the ‘planners dream’…a local voice and local culture with self selected schedules in 30 min slots to better support variable demand.

Don’t just take our word for it! Frost and Sullivan (the leading business research and consulting firm) have validated this in a recently completed white paper which examines the different types of homeworking and/ or homeshoring and illustrates why our model really does maximise the benefits.

Take a read here.