What Makes a Perfect Homeworker?

As the Arise International business has evolved through the course of the last 3 years, we have been keen to explore and better understand what makes a HomeWorker successful.  This is key in driving our vision of onshoring – bringing jobs back to the UK. What are the key attributes and characteristics of the best Client Support Professionals?  As part of a broader research project with a leading UK business school, we undertook to perform some detailed psychometric testing of the upper quartile Client Service Professionals (CSPs).  After inviting the CSP’s to participate, they completed the tests and we have now had the preliminary results. The findings were fascinating, not least because they reflected the diverse range of skills and backgrounds of the CSPs. From Teachers to IT consultants, Solicitors to Housewives, each produced a unique profile but all contained the same high scores in three key areas.

All scored highly on energy levels and their ability to be efficient and utilise time effectively in a fast paced environment.  When we consider how dynamic our Clients are, and our unique pay-for-performance model, the CSPs have many balls to juggle in driving high levels of customer service through their business whilst also ensuring they are generating the maximum amount of revenue for themselves.

Another area of concentrated high scores was in assertiveness. Being able to make decisions with little external input or influence whilst also being able to take charge of a situation, was key to making these CSPs the best of the best.  Many of our Customer contacts can be from those who are unhappy with the service they may have received from our Clients and so our CSP’s ability to manage that conversation effectively, without the need for a Manager to step in, is critical to resolving that call first time around.

The last element we found to be underpinning all of those CSPs analysed, was the measure of their objective judgment, i.e. how they arrive at solutions to problems. Arise offers an array of support tools, both internal and Client related but the ability to utilise those effectively, in order to reach a satisfactory outcome, is obviously a trait for success.

As an exercise, this represented a limited sample of a very extensive pool of CSPs, however it has certainly fed our thinking in how we may better utilise this type of analysis through our sourcing processes. A great many people could easily work from home but it is clear that it takes a certain ‘type’ to be truly successful.