Arise Implements Innovative Risk Based Quality Monitoring System

Arise Virtual Solutions have developed an innovative way of quality monitoring that can be tailored to suit individual client needs resulting in increased Agent performance that ultimately benefits the Customer.

Quality call monitoring is increasingly being used as an important tool in measuring and improving CSAT scores within contact centres.  A common question many Heads of Quality ask will be “Is call monitoring really effective, and if I do it, how often should I do it?”.  However there needs to be another question asked beforehand “What is the most effective way to monitor call quality that improves Customer Experience and measures operational risk”.

Arise Virtual Solutions has been working in partnership with a leading UK retailer scoring 3 calls per month per Agent, in-line with the client’s own scoring methods. The Arise Quality Monitors would attend regular calibration sessions with the client to ensure ‘true’ alignment. 

In 2012 the process changed when Arise Virtual Solutions introduced a ‘Risk Based’ quality monitoring system. The purpose of this structured approach to compliance monitoring was to ensure that the standard of monitoring was consistent across all areas of the business and that all risk areas were covered. Before the transition was made Arise Virtual Solutions worked closely with the client to understand what they felt offered the highest risk to their business.

The net result was a risk-based monitoring methodology based on 5 key elements These were then weighted  depending on client requirement linked to most operational risk: The five key areas where:

  • Compliance (Highest Weighting)
  • AHT
  • Customer Experience
  • Audited Adjustment Errors
  • Customer Complaints

Each agent then had one call scored per month. The Risk score was calculated and any Agent identified as having a high risk score would have additional calls scored throughout the month. 

This risk based approach increased client confidence that Arise Virtual Solutions were closely monitoring key areas and consistently showing improvement. As a result of this process change Arise Virtual Solutions were able to demonstrate improved Agent performance.