Driving Brand Engagement Through Partnership

Every Client that Arise partners with are firm believers that creating and sustaining an exceptional customer experience is only achievable if our people are true advocates of what they do and how they do it. This philosophy promotes the idea that it is no longer enough to pay someone to do a job but they also have to be engaged as a user or participant of the service.

One of our Clients has committed to a programme of initiatives to drive advocacy for their brands, products and services with Arise Virtual Solution at the heart of the strategy.

Feedback from the Client suggested 4 priority areas should be addressed to positively impact on brand advocacy:

  • Make products accessible
  • Bring brands to life
  • Challenge perception of value and service
  • Improve staff sales experience

Arise Virtual Solutions have partnered with the Client’s Customer Experience team on a series of pilots to measure changing attitudes and behaviours. These included: 

  • Signal intent – capture the attention of employees through ‘branded’ gestures such as order discounts and presenting branded gifts to colleagues.
  • Measure current staff mood – This has been achieved through baselining current attitudes and behaviours measuring success through a Branding and Engagement survey.
  •  Build awareness  – provide colleagues with  the tools they need to deliver exceptional service through improved awareness of their brands and products increase the amount of corporate communications.
  • Drive engagement – true engagement comes through participation. Involving colleagues in the ongoing development of their brands through social media, ambassador programmes and continuous improvement.

Through its partnership Arise Virtual Solutions has adopted these working practices. This has led to work programmes to drive improvements in engagement, awareness, customer experience and Agent satisfaction.

We are still at the very early stages of our journey and laying the foundations for ongoing measurement with a view to brand advocacy and engagement increasing.  We look forward to updating the blog on our process and key learning points.