Think Outside the Office – Part 1: Customer Service Improvements

Arise Virtual Solutions proudly presents its first of many white papers: Think Outside the Office – Virtualisation is Enabling the Workforce of the Future.

Our white paper discusses how in an intensely competitive market, virtualisation helps organisations to structure their workforce so as to remain customer-centric while becoming more nimble and responsive to the market. We show how the Arise Independent Business Owner model enables a highly efficient relationship between an organisation and an individual or group of individuals. Among its many benefits, it allows for real-time objective, data based performance evaluations, optimising customer service which we see as a function that has well defined, highly measured and constantly evaluated results.

The use of independent contractors enables organisations to leverage highly skilled professionals and match them with customers with similar interests and location. Brand enthusiasts interact with their clients and consumers with passion, resulting in an enhanced customer experience, which often leads to improved up selling and cross selling of additional products or services. By matching customer service representatives with customers based on their location and cultural values, this results in an improved customer experience for roles that have previously been offshored to far away locations.

Arise Virtual Solutions pioneered the virtualisation of customer service in the 1990s, and has continued to innovate and enhance its ability to utilise a vast network of independent businesses with access to over 25,000 Client Support Professionals certified to provide customer care, sales, and technical support services to leading UK FTSE and US Fortune 500 companies.

Please take a look at the white paper here to read further on the benefits of virtualisation.