Arise Champions Reward and Recognition

In our increasingly virtual world you cannot under estimate the value of rewarding and recognising great work and success, especially for ‘work@ home’ (WAH) professionals. Focusing on creating a deeper connection between a remote workforce and the organisation, effective Reward & Recognition can increase both engagement and performance.

A common perceived risk about WAH models can be of Workers feeling isolated and not having contact with other individuals, or any form of peer group interaction on a regular basis. Whilst this is an understandable misconception, given the potential geographical distance between Workers, this will commonly only apply to an enterprise that does not value engagement.

Whilst the list of influencing factors on the engagement of a remote workforce can be endless, one method of creating frequent engagement opportunities for Arise Virtual Solutions has been the development of ‘The Star Academy’.  Initially launched as a pilot in the UK, and now subsequently launched as a global initiative, the program recognises our highest and most consistent performers and rewards them with additional incentives and opportunities. The program requires a CSP (our WAH Professionals) to achieve a high level of performance for 3 consecutive months, before being awarded membership to the Star Academy. These benchmarks are deliberately set higher than the standard network performance levels, in order to ensure that only the top performing CSPs are rewarded (the Best Of The Best!). Once entry to the program has been awarded, they then enjoy a number of additional incentives and can take part in a variety of events exclusive to the Star Academy members.

Some examples of what is currently on offer…

  • A monthly forum with the Arise Leadership Team
  • Access to client schedules before other CSPs
  • Monthly prize draw
  • Opportunities to take part in research with educational establishments and leading market analysts
  • Opportunities to join other Arise Client programs at a reduced rate
  • Inclusion in testing and developing of new Client Programs
  • The highest service revenues
  • Consideration for progression to delivering Performance Enhancement services (supporting other CSPs)
  • Access to Arise Client discounts on products and services (where offered)

Whilst still in its infancy, all of these activities have driven a marked increase in the levels of engagement and interaction with CSPs, enabling them to feel part of something bigger than just themselves individually, a Virtual Community. At the same time Arise has seen significant and consistent improvement in performance levels, as well as a shared feeling of pride from CSPs who belong to this group (and rightly so!).

Whilst simple in its construction and execution, the Star Academy program has enabled Arise Virtual Solutions to improve engagement, in bringing both competition and fun to our Virtualised Workforce.  Whilst CSPs benefit from membership, Arise are also enabled to better understand the characteristics of a successful WAH Professional, and the influencing factors that surround their ability to perform at a consistently higher level than many of those around them.