Event at Westminster Attracts More Than a Dozen Members of Parliament

As we blogged in an earlier post, Arise Virtual Solutions started planning our event at Westminster in early March 2012. The event was a great success, and with the support of Sarah Newton MP and Priti Patel MP, we attracted over a dozen Members of Parliament and a Minister to our event. At the event; “Bringing Jobs Back Home: Onshoring Sustainable Work to all Parts of the UK” MPs and business leaders heard about how virtual solutions and work-from-home opportunities are enabling organisations to bring work opportunities back to home shores from overseas.

Speaking at the event, Angela Selden, Co-Chairman of Arise, said “The political momentum behind virtualisation and the Arise model has lead to President Obama considering driving a bill into congress to incentivise companies to bring work back to home shores, and the presence here this evening in London of a Minister, cross party MP’s, corporate organisations and supporting partners demonstrates that a similar appetite exists in the UK”.

Guests to the event included Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People in the UK, as well as a leading UK retailer who talked about its experience with Arise during severe weather last year: “Arise was able to take over £500,000 of orders in one evening – revenues that would have otherwise been lost!”

David Cartwright, Group Chief Executive, EMEA of Arise, said, “Virtualisation is not just about telecommuting. It’s about crowd sourcing a network of free Client Support Professionals with specialised skills to enable organisations to leverage expertise where the expertise resides, not necessarily where the company resides.”

“The future of work will consist of organisations establishing business relationships with individuals who bring specific skills to the table,” said David Cartwright. “In both the U.S. and the U.K. the recession has impacted not just jobs but the confidence in workers to trust the traditional brick and mortar model. Working from home with the right company provides unmatched flexibility, a reliable income and a sense of ownership over one’s own future. And companies that virtualise some or part of their work are finding tremendous economic benefits.”

Full press release is available at http://www.arise.com/press-releases/

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