Arise Speaks at European Customer Experience World

Arise Virtual Solutions recently attended and spoke at the European Customer Experience World (ECEW) conference with over 200 delegates and other speakers from around the world. Arise’s David Cartwright spoke on the potential Virtual Workforces have and how the Arise model can deliver flexibility and enhance the Customer Experience. 

Dave Carroll’s keynote speech centered on his experience with United Airlines which highlighted the danger of poor customer service.
As he was about to deplane on his way to a gig, Dave Carroll saw baggage handlers throwing his guitar and other band members’ instruments off the plane with total disregard. After experiencing a long and frustrating process before he was able to even begin the complaints procedure, he decided to find outlet to his feelings on social media. He has since found fame after writing songs about the incident and posting these with accompanying videos on YouTube, which became one of YouTube’s biggest hits.

Not what United customer service had in mind !

Many a customer relationship has been severed after disappointing customer experiences. The following statistics underline the destructive power of poor customer experiences – several sources verify the fact that offsetting bad experiences will take a disproportionate number of good ones.

It takes 12 positive service experiences to make up for one negative experience

(Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner)

73% of consumers end a relationship due to poor service and the root causes are:

  • Having to repeat information
  • Feeling trapped in automated self – service
  • Having to wait too long interacting with staff who have no knowledge of the service history (or customer value)
  • Unable to easily switch between communication channels

(Source: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Report – The Cost Of Poor Customer Service)

…On the other hand:

Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell about 4 to 6 people about their experience.

(Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Washington, DC)

Another keynote speaker was Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, who founded the Black Farmer brand, and whose life experience is embedded within that brand. He describes himself as “a poor boy, done good”. Born in Jamaica, he was raised in inner- city Birmingham and fell in love with the outdoors and farming at the family allotment.

The Black Farmer brand does not have an employed sales force, but rely on the quality of its products to turn customers into advocates of the brand. The brand has an exemplary relationship with its consumers, who actively campaign to get the products stocked in their local shops.

To find out about how Arise can help you improve your Customer Satisfaction rates by using at-home-agents with real brand affiliation to provide you with the right agents available at the right time, contact Karin Elliott, VP Corporate Development and Marketing on 07957 803983.