10 Key Skills Needed To Work From Home

10 Key skills required to work from homeThe freedom that a work from home arrangement allows is one of the main reasons why many people today are choosing to launch their own independent businesses from the comfort of their homes. Although working at home does bring in more flexibility to your routine, it still requires you to be every bit as professional, efficient and dedicated as you would be in a conventional office environment. In fact, people who set up independent virtual call centre businesses need to be extremely high on self-motivation and discipline which ensures that they stay focussed and alert and deliver the best standards of work. If you think that home working suits you, here are the 10 key skills needed to work from home that would make you successful in your home based business.

  1. Critical thinking and information handling abilities: As a home worker, you should be able to handle all professional responsibility singlehandedly, with minimal direction and guidance. For this you need to be good at taking the right decisions, prompt at solving problems and efficient at organising information.
  2. Self-motivated: The facility to schedule your working hours can only work when the home worker is focussed and self-motivated. As you would be your own boss, you need to be your own motivator too. A disciplined approach to work will ensure that you are on track with your professional commitments.
  3. A good planner: As a homeworker, it is important that you have a distraction and disturbance free environment while you service. This might require a good bit of planning to ensure that you have arranged for child care, or if you have older children, have made available in advance, everything that they might need. You would need to plan ahead by keeping in mind any personal commitments you have for the day and schedule your working hours around them.
  4. Excellent telephone etiquette: Having outstanding communication skills would be a huge asset for you as a Client Support Professional. Developing the right telephone etiquette will help you to make a positive impression with your customers and win their loyalty which is the ultimate aim of customer service.
  5. Adept at using technology: As the nature of your work necessitates the use of the computer, it goes without saying that you will be expected to be familiar with the basic functioning of the computer and the internet. You would need to know how to troubleshoot simple problems and to operate the associated equipment. It is not necessary to be a computer expert; all you need is basic proficiency in using it.
  6. Comfortable with the idea of working alone: A work from home arrangement does not give you the opportunity to interact with office colleagues and share a coffee with them. You therefore need to be comfortable with being by yourself while you service, without feeling the need for social stimulation.
  7. Listening skills: This is an invaluable quality considering your role as a virtual call centre Client Support Professional. Better listening abilities lead to better understanding of caller queries, enabling their efficient resolution. Good listening skills reflect your concern towards the customers, making them feel valued.
  8. Initiative: Working from home needs as much creativity and resourcefulness as working in a traditional office. The ability to anticipate and tackle customer issues with ingenuity will surely help to build a strong rapport with them and attract good business for the company you service for. Taking that extra step, showing initiative and enthusiasm towards the task on hand is therefore just as important in a home based business.
  9. Professionalism: it is essential to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and work ethics as you are the voice of the company you service for and represent all that they stand for. A confident, respectful and efficient manner of work helps build credibility and keep customers loyal to the brand.
  10. Flexible and adaptable: As a virtual Client Support Professional, you will respond to callers from diverse backgrounds and situations. The ability to adapt to different types of situations and callers and to take in your stride any criticism coming your way and proactively act upon it is vital for the success of your home based business.

Working towards consciously imbibing the above skills would help to get your home based business off to a flying start. If you are interested in finding out more about homeworking please contact the Arise Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them at [email protected]