How Homeshoring Helps Companies Improve Customer Service

How Homeshoring Helps Companies Improve Customer ServiceHomeshoring has redefined popular concepts about working, by freeing people from the constraints of time and place and by making possible a more competent customer service. Today’s highly competitive business environment requires cutting edge solutions to every aspect associated with the business and customer service is no exception. Virtual working has added new dimensions to customer service, not only making it more cost effective but also friendlier, more efficient and professional.

Homeshoring refers to availing the services of home based workers to provide customer service in much the same way that call centres interact with customers. It is an attractive option mainly because of its cost effectiveness and its access to a wider, more talented and skilled pool of people. This accounts for one of its greatest advantages as companies can target a more specific skill set with no boundary constraints. According to, the average age of home based customer service providers is around 41 and an estimated 80% of them have had some form of college education.

The need for polite, articulate and smart people to handle customer service is what every company looks to fulfil. However, with the option of using home based CSPs, they can expand their reach to rural areas that have a good talent pool where the cost of living is considerably lower.

How does virtual customer service score over traditional call centre solutions?

As home based workers are not limited to any one facility, companies can source any number of homeworkers to handle increasing call volumes. Greater flexibility allows homeworkers to fix their own time slot which ensures maximum productivity for the companies.

As there are no geographical barriers, companies have access to the best talent and skill sets that can provide superior services and become a major driving force for success.

Reduced turnover rate ensures greater business continuity

In traditional brick and mortar centres, with the high attrition rate prevailing, it results in never ending expenses associated with hiring and training new staff. By homeshoring their customer service requirements, companies manage to successfully retain staff and can also attract as a workforce, another section of people who may otherwise not have been inclined to this kind of work but are happy to take it up just to be able to work from the comfort of their homes.

Happier customers

As companies do not need to offshore to foreign locations, where English is not a native language, customers have admitted to receiving better customer service, without the cultural differences becoming impediments to comfortable communication. Pleasant and positive customer interactions lead to satisfied customers that in turn promote brand loyalty.

Innovative customer service

With the use of advanced technology, it is now possible for companies to attempt innovative strategies to refine their customer service. Calls can be directed to specific CSPs based on location, personality and accent. This is done with the aim of enhancing customer experience and imparting customised customer service topped with a personal touch.

Homeshoring therefore certainly is a step in the right direction for companies looking to offer a higher quality of customer service that can drive business objectives and promise a greater return on investment.