Homeworking – The Way to Look Beyond Coalition Policy Changes

Homeworking – The Way to Look Beyond Coalition Policy ChangesThe recent announcement by the government about cutting child care benefits for families where a single earner is paid more than £60,000 per year has sparked much anger among stay at home mums who admit to feeling snubbed and even a tad belittled. It seems to have re-ignited the proverbial working mum versus stay at home mum debate – one that has always been a sensitive issue among women, capable of provoking strong emotions from either side of the fence.

As per the changes made to the child care allowance policy, households with both spouses working but each earning less than £60,000 a year are still entitled to benefits as opposed to those having just one parent earning more than £60,000 per annum. Further, there are plans to extend more support to working mums in the form of a £2000 claim per year to cover child care costs.

There is a widespread feeling among stay at home mums about their role as a nurturer having being undermined as they express discontent at being discriminated against by a policy that seems to be blatantly in favour of working mothers. Considering the pressing economic conditions prevailing currently, many apprehend that this may create a situation where it makes it imperative for every woman to return to work after motherhood whether or not she feels inclined to.

This situation only serves to highlight the relevance of homeworking in the current scenario. It can provide stay at home mums/dads with the opportunity to add to the family income without having to compromise on their decision to play the role of being a more active, hands-on parent to their young children.

Homeworking has become a popular concept today with many reputed companies acknowledging it as the established norm. As many as 82% of all European businesses allow flexible working and it is considered to be the way people will work in the future. With companies looking for ways to stem the attrition rate and attract a skilled and talented workforce, homeworking seems to be the solution to source competent and qualified people without being limited by the constraints of time and space. It therefore makes for a win- win situation for everyone and is a trend waiting to be leveraged to the fullest.

Arise Virtual Solutions, established in Florida in 1997, has pioneered the concept of virtual working for the last 15 years, and is now partnering with over 25,000 Independent Businesses over UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. The Arise model imparts the requisite training to its partners and after due evaluation, certifies them to work as Client Service Professionals, giving them the opportunity to build independent businesses that provide highly competent customer service to the most reputed brands worldwide.

The flexible hours, the freedom to choose when and how much you want to work, the ability to augment the family income and the ease of working in your own comfort zone are what make working from home an extremely attractive proposition for people from all walks of life – stay at home mums and dads, students, fresh grads looking for work experience, retired people and those who are physically challenged.

The government’s proposed changes to the childcare policy might force many stay at home mums to have a rethink on whether they should get back to work in order to be able to claim benefits. A good solution to overcoming today’s tough economic challenges could be to make the most of the successful work from home trend and find a comfortable means to extend their finances without compromising on their commitment to family.

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