70% More Organisations Looking at Homeworking than Offshoring

When the CCA and KCOM asked 107 of it’s members: “How do you think your business model will adapt to meet changing customer demands in the future ?” Over 1/3 were looking at expanding their use of homeworking vs under 20% looking to increase offshoring.

What was also interesting was the conflict in consumers who wanted more access to a human being, who was knowledgeable and could solve their issue vs the growth of automated and self service methods. Read more here


The Arise homeworking model can bring all this together with the ability to source from the entire country, we can match agent skills and demographics to your customers to meet their request for the right kind of people at the right time. In addition our model provides the flexibility of an on demand service that can meet your peaks but avoid staffing the dips in demand. Arise should be part of the essential blend of contact centre solutions for all forward-thinking corporates in 2013.

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