‘I cannot get in, its snowing too hard’ – ‘I could have worked from home though’ – Blog Post by Ian Golding

I could have worked from homeBusinesses that plan and prepare for all eventualities including inclement weather conditions are the ones that can gain the trust and loyalty of their customers and thus edge out competition. Keeping services up and running in the harshest weather conditions is definitely no mean task but that’s exactly where the work from home concept wins over the traditional work methods.
Ian Golding, Former Head of Group Customer Experience at Shop Direct Group (SDG)believes that perfecting the art of delivering the best customer experience is the way towards building a successful business. In his latest blog post he describes how SDG’s relationship with Arise Virtual Solutions proved to be the most important factor that determined why their business flourished as usual while others struggled to deliver during the heavy snowfall of December 2010 that had disrupted regular services in many regions across the country. With Jan 2013 showing all signs of turning into one of the severest winters, the homeworking phenomenon becomes that much more relevant. For the entire article by Ian Golding please click here