Bringing the Spark Back into Your Retirement Years

Bringing the spark back into your retirement yearsMost of us would be inclined to perceive retirement as an idyllic phase of life – a time to live life at a leisurely pace, to enjoy the freedom to pursue your hobbies, a time to realise unfulfilled dreams. However, according to the findings of a recent study, the picture does not look quite as idyllic as that. To many couples, retirement brings a huge change in their lifestyle – something they had not quite reckoned for.
It’s probably got something to do with the fact that there is now too much time at their disposal and few common interests and shared responsibilities as the children have grown up and are on their own. It is indeed ironical that the extra time – the very commodity that was so precious to them as young couples, now becomes the reason for the rift in relationships.
Another major reason for conflict is the financial constraints that retirement seems to intensify. Many couples find it difficult to cut common ground about their views on how to spend money and this escalates the tensions between them. The financial anxieties and insecurities are a natural reaction to inflation and the rising costs of essential commodities. To add to the woes, the annual retirement incomes too have declined by 18% which translates to about £3,400 less than what they used to be in 2008. Those retiring this year are bound to feel the pinch as it directly affects the spending capacity of pensioners.
Getting around retirement woes
With a little planning and clever foresight, couples can make retirement the best phase of their life. It’s all about finding the right balance between putting to good use the time at your disposal and yet having enough to enjoy the sense of freedom that retirement allows. The solution lies in the concept of virtual work – a trend that is gaining popularity across Europe and the US and which has redefined the very concept of work.
Homeworking – an established norm today

Interest in homeworking has shown a sharp rise over the past few years and has given thousands of people an opportunity to achieve financial independence. It offers retired people a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds – freedom to live life at a relaxed pace, the flexibility to schedule working hours to suit their convenience and the security that an added source of income brings. For more on why advancing years no longer signal retirement please click here.

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It’s sure to be a step in the right direction. Choose homeworking and bring the spark back into your retirement and your relationship. To find out more about the Arise work from home model, please contact the Arise Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them at [email protected]