Telecoms Giant Vodafone to Support Homeworking

Telecoms Giant Vodafone to Support HomeworkingVodafone UK is all set to champion the concept of homeworking as they believe it is a much smarter way to achieve higher productivity. According to their estimates, British business could save to the tune of £34bn a year on office costs and reduced overheads.  This announcement is in total contrast to the Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer’s decision to ban all remote working arrangements for its employees. It is indeed heartening to see that there are companies that recognise the tremendous potential that the work from home concept holds and how far reaching its benefits can be.

It has no longer got to do with not being able to trust employees to work well without the need of constant supervision. Rather it is more about acknowledging their personal commitments and valuing the talents and skills that they enrich the organisation with. By not recognising, for example, the childcare responsibilities of new parents, a company will be doing the greatest disservice to itself. Showing care and concern for employee wellbeing fosters loyalty in them thus getting them high on motivation which is known to have a direct connection with productivity. A contented and happy workforce is the barometer of the success of any organisation and the key to its success.

Gone are the old days when employees just had to comply with their superiors and had no say in policy matters. Today’s workforce is a more enlightened lot. They take their responsibilities seriously whether at work or at home and want to play an active role as parents. They are more keenly aware of their rights and duties and unwilling to compromise on certain principles that they hold dear. It is important for employers to acknowledge this change and adopt work strategies that complement the new world scenario.

Virtual work is a win-win arrangement and it is in the interests of both – employers and employees to acknowledge that. The solutions as to why a company is not doing well certainly don’t depend upon whether or not its employees work within the four walls of the office. It may have more to do with taking steps to better tap their creativity, to allow them the freedom to work in a stress free environment that can lead them to achieve their full potential.

We at Arise also believe that flexible working is the way to a progressive future….the only way to attract and retain talented staff and to ensure real growth and productivity for an organisation. The advantages of virtual work are very substantial for the employers too – from saving overheads, having a wider talent pool (and fewer geographical constraints) to recruit from, higher retention and lower attrition rates, better productivity and a significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

Arise Virtual Solutions is the proud pioneer of homeworking, having successfully provided virtual business outsourcing and high quality contact centre services to reputed companies across the United States and United Kingdom/Ireland.

It’s only the question of investing a little faith in the employee and the dividends are sure to surpass all expectations.