Transcending Disability through Virtual Work

Transcending Disability through Virtual WorkThe Internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities and today, nothing, not even a physical disability can stop a skilled and qualified individual from finding work and a decent means of livelihood. Work opportunities for people with a disability is no longer just a pipe dream as Information technology has helped create new possibilities where, just a few decades ago, there were none.  Despite the many banes of the modern era, there indeed is a silver lining as the World Wide Web has shrunk the world and successfully offered solutions to several seemingly insurmountable problems.

As the virtual working trend gathers momentum, and many people and businesses reap the benefits of the work at home arrangement, for people with a disability, it is much more than just saving time and enjoying a flexible work routine. It’s an opportunity to use their skills to earn financial independence and lead a life of dignity. Virtual work helps find a way around physical limitations so that disability does not hinder highly qualified and talented people from being able to lead a productive life.

The ideal workplace for people with a disability

Working in a conventional office is usually not a practical option for people with disabilities considering the rigours of the commute and the typical 8 hour routine. Homeworking grants them the flexibility to choose when and how much they want to work and accommodates their special medical requirements. It provides the means to an alternative mode of livelihood without having to rely solely on government assistance.

Employers too benefit from granting the facility to work from home

The biggest advantage for employers is to be able to retain highly skilled and qualified staff, rather than having to frequently hire and train new candidates which often proves to be a drain on company finances. Virtual workers do not need a dedicated work station, thus saving on space and office resources.

Some possibilities for online work include:-

Customer Service/Virtual call centres

Sales and Marketing professionals

Virtual Assistants to troubleshoot problems

What you need for any telecommuting job

  • An Up –to date computer with a reliable high speed connection
  • Dedicated phone line used exclusively for work
  • A designated space to use as your home office that is quiet and undisturbed
  • Requisite organisational and communication skills
  • The correct temperament that includes  self-motivation and discipline

Arise were the pioneers of virtual work that began as an attempt to provide people with a disability with an opportunity to look beyond their disability and utilise their skills productively and profitably. Today Arise has partnered with thousands of professionals across varying ages, backgrounds and walks of life to help them set up thriving independent businesses that function from their homes. If you are also looking for a way to get around a disability and make good use of your skills to gain financial independence, homeworking could be perfect solution.  To find out more, please contact the Arise Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them at [email protected].