The Advantages of Being a Work at Home Mum

The Advantages of Being a Work at Home MumAlong with the immense joy it brings, motherhood completely changes the dynamics of a woman’s life. Her focus shifts from work and career to home and raising her family. Rather than struggle to balance home and a stressful 9-5 office routine, many women take that all important decision to become a work at home mum so that they do not miss out on precious time with their young kids.

However, this decision can be a difficult one to make especially with the recession making it necessary to keep the income coming in from all possible sources. But modern age technology, along with bringing in several other comforts, has also provided mothers with a solution to their dilemma about choosing between work and home. All you need today is an internet connection with which it is now possible to use your skills to work at home, making available an additional source of income, without having to compromise on time with your children. Although a challenging task, it is an extremely rewarding experience as the advantages of being a work at home mother are innumerable.



The Advantages of being a Work at Home Mum

Positive impact on children: Several studies conducted on early childhood development have found that having a parent around them during the early years helps children become psychologically secure and better behaved. The stability in their homes enables them to adjust better when they later make their transition from toddlerhood to pre-schooler and school going kid.

You can enjoy all those priceless special moments with your kids: As a work at home mother, you get to watch your child progress through every milestone and celebrate each little achievement as your baby learns to connect with the world around. It is these moments that lay the foundation for a lifelong bond between mother and child.

Be your own boss, manage your own home based business:  By being a work at home mum, you become the independent owner of a business, are in control of your schedule and can plan your own goals. It allows you the freedom to be your own motivator and liberates you from having to always be answerable to a higher authority. You can choose how much and when you want to service and as long as you meet these pre decided schedules, you are bang on track. Your earnings too are directly proportional to the number of hours you put in.

Eliminate all stress and pressures that are an inseparable part of traditional work places: The work from home arrangement keeps you away from all the tensions and cut throat politics of the corporate world that can take a toll on your emotional well-being. Minus these pressures, you will most certainly feel that your energy levels are higher and so is your productivity.

Save time and cut down on expenses: You no longer need to spend time and money commuting to office and there is substantial reduction in expenditure on maintaining a formal wardrobe for office. There are fewer chances that you will spend for a snack in the cafeteria. Saving even small amounts every day adds to quite a sum at the end of the month, which can be used to cover other expenses or to indulge yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

The freedom to plan your vacations and days off : This is one of the best advantages of being a work at home mum. If you have an appointment with the doctor or need to attend your child’s school concert, you can simply choose to take that day off from work. Also, since you control your business, you can plan for a vacation well in advance without any probability of your leave being turned down.

Being a work at home mum can be the solution to the constant tussle that most mothers experience between their professional and personal lives. We at Arise can provide you with a platform to make use of your talents to help you build a fulfilling career from home  so that you can also enjoy playing one of the most memorable roles of your life – that of being a hands on mother. If the idea of starting your own customer service business from home excites you, please feel free to contact our Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them at [email protected]