Virtual Working for a Greener Planet

Virtual Working for a Greener PlanetGoing green is in vogue and as virtual working totally supports the green cause, it has gained significance not only among employees looking to strike a better work-life balance but also among companies vying to prove their credentials as being environment friendly organisations. These companies value public opinion and want to project themselves as responsible bodies that show concern for the planet’s fragile ecological balance, as against the popular impression of being indifferent, profit driven businesses in a corporate, materialistic world.

Global Businesses espouse the Green Cause

As part of their green responsibilities, companies want to consciously reduce their carbon footprint and minimise impact on the environment. The virtualisation of work has made it easy for organisations to espouse the green cause as it directly contributes to saving thousands of pounds per employee per year in terms of office space and infrastructure costs. The concept of virtual work also leads to enhanced performance as companies can extend service hours across different time zones, with the blurring of boundaries of time and place.

Since employees of companies that offer virtual working opportunities do not commute, it reduces the carbon emissions which has a direct impact on its carbon footprint and establishes its reputation as a responsible organisation that cares for the environment. It is indeed a “have your cake and eat it too” situation as along with earning the “green” tag, virtual work also does away with the need for a physical office, eliminates expenditure on electricity and overheads and yet achieves the highest standards of service to its customers. The rapid strides in technology have also played their part, as cloud computing significantly reduces burden on servers, thus bringing down energy and operational costs.

Consumers prefer Companies with “Green” credentials

The IT sector is especially keen to jump onto the virtual working bandwagon as the go green trend seems to be going from strength to strength. As governments are inclined towards implementing environmental friendly policies, and consumers too show greater awareness about making responsible, environmentally friendly choices, businesses have no option but to follow suit. What’s more, customers, in a bid to reaffirm their commitment to the environment, increasingly make their purchasing decisions depending on whether or not companies have adhered to the green credentials.

So “go virtual, go green” seems to be the new mantra as businesses fiercely compete to earn the preferred supplier status and get a step ahead of the competition.

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