The Home Working Fund Gets an Extension

The Home Working Fund Gets an ExtensionHomeworking certainly seems to have become the buzzword today – a kind of panacea for the recessionary times we are in. This is all too evident in the fact that the Home Working Fund, managed by “Entrust”, a leading business services firm, has been granted an extension of 9 months, in view of its huge success and popularity.

What is the Home Working Fund all about?

Started with the aim of creating home based work opportunities, the fund comprises an £800,000 scheme that encourages businesses to make available virtual working facilities for its workforce by offering them £3000 per homeworker to help cover training and equipment costs. Launched in 2009 in the North East, this scheme has successfully created 285 new jobs and expects more success in the months ahead. The Homeworking fund however can only be used to create jobs specifically in the North East, although it is not limited to businesses only of that region.

How do businesses benefit from the Home Working Fund?

Supporting virtual working enables businesses to provide enhanced customer service by having a diverse, highly skilled workforce minus the cost of overheads and infrastructure. While positively impacting employee productivity and retention, it pre-empts the practice of offshoring that often evokes an adverse response from customers. Other benefits include environmental advantages like reduced carbon footprint and earning the valuable green credentials that help sway consumer choice in their favour.

Businesses from industries as diverse as Travel, Energy Saving and Contact centres have benefitted from the Home working Fund. The high point of the scheme as stated by Sarah Belton, Project Manager, is the fact that the Fund is able to provide some relief in these difficult economic times by creating “ flexible working opportunities that may not be available in a standard nine to five job”

The extension of the Home working Fund scheme therefore spells cheer for hundreds of prospective homeworkers residing in the rural areas of the North East who need no longer be bound either by family commitments or a disability that stops them from finding a source of income. It’s a renewed opportunity to work without barriers, to earn while not compromising on their precious family time.

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