Flexible Working is Key to a More Motivated Workforce

Flexible Working is Key to a More Motivated WorkforceIn what could be considered as another victory for supporters of the flexible working arrangement, the employment relations minister, Jo Swinson said that making available flexible work opportunities is the way to a more motivated workforce. He went on to say that it is high time employers changed their traditional mindsets towards the work culture and shifted to a broader, more liberal approach.

While speaking at an ACAS and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills briefing held in London recently, Swinson expressed his views on how offering flexible work will not only translate into a happier staff but will also prove ‘economically beneficial to employers’. The key is to adapt to the changing times by shedding redundant stereotypes and making place for a more dynamic and modern work culture.

The chief executive of the ACAS, Anne Sharp added that a flexible working environment helps businesses attract and retain the best talent in the industry and would bridge the widening skills gap that exists in the UK at present. It may have only been offered as a perk all these years but all that is set to change now with the right to request flexible working expected to come into force from 2014 and the facility of shared parental leave from 2015. Employers would then have to consider every request for flexible working made by employees who have completed at least 6 months in the company.

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