Virtual Work Bridges Gender Disparity for Women in Technical Fields

Conforming to stereotypes, the statistics too have always shown men to outnumber women in the tech industry. The shortage of women employees in tech fields is a matter of concern for many and has been the topic of much discussion in recent times.  Many people attribute the male domination in technology to gender bias, unequal pay scales and the hackneyed conditioning since childhood that boys fare better than girls in math and science.

Virtual Work Bridges Gender Disparity for Women in Technical FieldsHowever all that is set to change as virtual work is giving women an opportunity to work in tech roles by providing them with an open, unbiased chance to be judged solely on merit and skill without being discriminated against on the basis of gender. A survey by Elance called, ‘Women in Technology’ that involved more than 7000 independent professionals revealed that it is through virtual work that women are finding greater opportunities in the tech industry rather than traditional office jobs.

How is virtual work able to bridge the gender gap in technical fields?  

Freedom from being typecast: Virtual work minimises any chances of discrimination as there is little emphasis on gender. Women doing online work are judged solely on their merit and thus have an equal opportunity to prove themselves based on their skill and expertise.

Better work-life balance: The greatest advantage of virtual work is the flexibility it allows and it is this flexibility that is invaluable to women, whether working or stay at home mums. Women from tech fields are able to schedule their work hours around other commitments and set up independent businesses from their own homes. Virtual working gives them a means to effectively manage and balance their professional and personal life in a way that would be impossible to achieve in a traditional office routine.

Virtual work makes it easier to set up a home based business: Many women prefer becoming owners of independent businesses rather than working as an employee. Building their own business also gives them the opportunity to work with diverse clients at hours best convenient to them, without being bogged down by the restrictive routine of a full time schedule. This can only be possible with the flexibility that virtual working allows.

More stimulating and challenging: For many women in technology, the sheer diversity in the type of projects that an independent business brings is a huge learning experience that helps them gain greater expertise and improve their skills. It frees them from the stagnation and passivity that often sets in while doing a regular office job. Virtual work also helps women who have taken a break from their careers by providing them with an opportunity to rebuild on their skills and experience thus enabling them to re-establish their careers in a much shorter time span than would have been possible in a regular office setting.

The verdict is out then, with 70% women saying that it is virtual work that is giving them far more professional opportunities in technology fields and has successfully helped them achieve a significant measure of gender parity with men vis-à-vis technical roles. If you too want to rediscover your potential in tech related fields, why not take to virtual work by becoming a home based entrepreneur?

In the UK 70% of the Arise Client Support Professionals are female, many with children. The Arise model flexes to suit the most fractured schedules enabling women previously frustrated at being unable to use their experience to find a home with the model. We at Arise can provide you with a platform to make use of your talents to help you build a fulfilling career from home, on your terms, without any discrimination or prejudice impeding your progress.

To find out more about setting up an independent home based business please feel free to contact the Arise Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them at [email protected].