A Great Opportunity for the Emerging Generation of House Husbands

It looks as though being a stay at home mum has become nothing short of a luxury for today’s woman given the pressures of the current economic climate. This is clearly reflected by the latest figures that show that the number of women staying at home to raise a family has fallen by one million since 1993 – which happens to be an all-time low. What is yet more surprising is a role reversal of sorts – an increasing trend of men who have opted to play the role of “ house husbands ” by quitting their jobs and taking on managing the home front full time.

This has led to much speculation about the causes driving this trend. Is it that the women have taken it upon themselves to combat the tough financial environment by heading back into the office in an attempt to ease the burden of the rising taxes and crippling inflation? Or is it their way of reaffirming their talents and reasserting their identities by assuming the mantle of being the primary bread winner of the family, as recession takes a toll on their husbands’ salaries?

A Great Opportunity for the Emerging Generation of House HusbandsIncreasing number of stay at home dads

Whatever their reasons, this development has triggered the new stay at home dads trend. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of fathers who have chosen to look after home and hearth has doubled in the last 20 years, from 111,000 to 209,000. This makes men to be among 10% of those who stay at home to care for the children while their spouse/partner is the sole wage earner of the family. Experts initially attributed the role reversal to the rising rate of unemployment and the fact that in many households it was the woman who was the higher earner. However sociologists are of the opinion that the decision to stay at home is a pro-active choice and not the outcome of any pressures or compulsions. It has got more to do with the crumbling of redundant notions about stereotyped gender roles that modern society has now challenged and discarded.

A Great Opportunity for the Emerging Generation of House HusbandsLeveraging the latest trends to tap into new opportunities

While the shift in public mind-set is a welcome change, what needs to be redressed is the fact that the 2.3 million people (both men and women) who choose to stay at home to care for their children are being classified as ‘economically inactive’. As old concepts have given way to the new, so have old norms about workplace and work methods evolved into newer, dynamic ideas that match better with the gigantic technological strides of the modern age. Now with borders having become seamless and horizons drawn closer, the limitations of time and space suddenly seem insignificant, thus giving rise to virtual and flexible working arrangements which allow people the freedom to work at home around a schedule that suits their other personal commitments. This is a great opportunity for all those house husbands who have willingly chosen to remain at home to shed their ‘economically inactive’ tag by joining the homeworking bandwagon and tap into a convenient means of augmenting the family income.

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