Arise Virtual Solutions Awarded a Seven Year Customer Service Contract by BT

Arise Virtual Solutions Awarded a Seven Year Contract by BTArise Virtual Solutions is delighted to have secured a 7 year contract to deliver an emergency customer service to Northern Ireland Direct via BT. The innovative approach to an outsourced government contract will see the Arise agent network supporting the floodline aspect of the NI Direct offering of phone, chat and sms services.

Arise’s virtual model and crowdsourcing solution uses a global network of pre-qualified independent businesses and their agents to provide services from geographically-dispersed home offices. When the BT customer faces emergency or unexpected business fluctuations, this network of resources can be flexed up or down within minutes, helping deliver consistent, high-quality customer care at all times.

“BT continues to invest in delivering a strong customer experience and this needs to be true even in an emergency when we cannot foresee customer needs or demands,” said Peter Russell, Head of Public Sector at BT in Northern Ireland. “We selected Arise as a key partner because it allows us to provide on-demand support in highly critical but fluctuating demand scenarios. Arise, through its network of highly skilled resources, is able to respond whatever the situation and provide us with an ability to support customers when we need to, but without built-in cost when we don’t need the service. Together, we can deliver on our promise to bring the best service and support to our customers whilst saving customers time, effort and money.”

BT awarded Arise the seven-year contract to use its services to deliver the most flexible service possible. “We are delighted to work with BT Ireland using our award winning Starmatic® scheduling technology and flexible network of independent contractors that are available 24/7,” David Cartwright, CEO, Arise EMEA.

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