Homeworking heralds the beginning of the end of 9 to 5

Homeworking heralds the beginning of the end of 9 to 5 Businesses predict that the 9 to 5 office hour culture will soon become obsolete. Gradually, corporates are beginning to believe that their best workers deliver wherever they work. Full time working in an office can be extremely stressful—as  concentration levels dwindle after working for a couple of hours. For this reason, workers find it very difficult to concentrate and this naturally has a negative impact on the productivity of the company. One obvious solution is a remote work arrangement, which helps in reducing costs allowing employees to adjust their work schedule to their mental energy cycle.

Flexible working promoted economic growth

In 2009 a taskforce was established by the Secretary of State (Department for Work and Pensions) in the UK to explore measures to improve the benefits of increasing flexible working opportunities. The Family Friendly Task Force Report revealed that enabling people to work flexibly would improve their lives by providing a better balance between work and home, also helping carers to balance their caring responsibilities with paid work. Added to that, more women who have previously held jobs in supervisory positions are today settling for part time jobs at a lower designation than what they are qualified for. As a result, people with lower skill sets are finding themselves without employment. This in turn results in unequal employment opportunities leading to huge losses to the economy. If employees with higher designations were allowed to work flexibly then this situation wouldn’t have arisen. Therefore, increased flexibility is a necessity in the workplace if the economy is to return to sustained growth.

How businesses benefitted

• 65 percent of employers experienced a positive effect on recruitment and retention.
• 58 per cent enterprises reported improvement in productivity.
• 70 per cent of employers witnessed huge improvement in employee relations.

In the present day, everyone is connected all of the time. Big thanks to the technology! It has integrated our personal and professional lives into a perfect blend of both. Regardless of the time and location, companies expect you to work continuously because these days we’re doing a lot more global business. Nevertheless, most workers are still working in traditional offices. Can businesses explain or give evidence on whether the ‘9 to 5 workday’ has had any impact on productivity? It’s therefore time to utilize the right to request flexible working in work place. Many workers are already enjoying the perks of flexible working and are achieving work-life balance effortlessly.

Options already exist for those looking for a work from home opportunity. You can make productive use of your talents without compromising on family commitments through homeworking. Arise Virtual Solutions, established in Florida in 1997, has pioneered the concept of virtual working, and is partnering with over 25,000 Independent businesses over UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. To find out more about becoming an IBO, please contact the Arise Admissions Team on 0131 200 2100 or email them [email protected]

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