The Over-50s Deserve a Better Deal – Prince Charles

It clearly seems to be a cause the Prince feels strongly about as his words came straight from the heart. Speaking at a reception at St James Palace to honour the over-50s entrepreneurs that his organisation has helped create, Prince Charles spoke ardently about how society needs to redress the lack of self-worth suffered by the middle-aged as they are made redundant from their jobs.

The Over-50s Deserve a Better Deal – Prince Charles“A crying shame”

There are at present approximately 425,000 people over 50 years of age in Britain who are without employment. Dealing with the sudden loss of work is not easy, as confidence levels dip when a hitherto productive member of society is made to believe that he is no longer of any value. The Prince expressed deep concern about this growing trend, calling it a “crying shame” and called for immediate steps to redress this situation.

Image credits: The Telegraph

The Prince’s initiative – PRIME

He spoke about how society ought to actually value the experience and wisdom that comes with age instead of the almost callous, dismissive attitude exhibited towards the over-50s by the younger generation, driven by indifference and materialism. It is with an attempt to combat this social injustice that his organisation PRIME – The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise has been set up. The Prince spoke with pride about the initiative that strives to “offer business advice and mentoring to older people and has already helped more than 23,000 in England and Wales. Prince Charles is of the opinion that mature people who desire to become entrepreneurs should be supported and encouraged  rather than doubting their abilities just because they do not have age on their side. He believes that the success rate for older entrepreneurs usually tends to be much higher than for those who are younger, as the skills and decision making abilities of the former have been sharpened by years of experience. As he put it, – “if it’s a good idea, it’s a good idea, whatever age you are.”

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