Parents of Disabled Children Struggle to Juggle Childcare Costs and Work Schedules

Parents of Disabled Children Struggle to Juggle Childcare Costs and Work SchedulesThe high childcare costs are already a concern for most parents and are a significant factor on which hinges the decision about whether or not to choose to be a stay at home parent. In case of parents of disabled or differently abled children, this problem assumes even greater proportions as it directly impacts their work schedules, forcing many to change working hours, take unpaid leave or even quit their jobs. It’s the summer holidays when finding suitable, affordable childcare becomes virtually impossible and parents have to struggle juggling between work hours and caring for their disabled children.

The implications of the steep child care costs

A survey by Working Families of 182 parents of disabled children revealed that although one in three were not working, 80% of these would have preferred to be employed and earn a wage. It was the steep childcare costs that were acting as the main deterrent.

The two thirds who were in work lamented that child care costs for disabled children are higher by £5/hour. This was making summer holiday childcare nothing short of a nightmare as family finances faced a terrible crunch in trying to manage safe, appropriate care for their children. It is indeed disappointing that caring for disabled children should cost more, creating a situation where parents are forced to resort to a compromise by taking unpaid leave or quitting work.

A talented workforce is an asset to the nation

This should send a clear message to employers and the society at large. With the ever evolving technology having redefined work cultures, it’s time to break free from the old, rigid school of thought and open our minds to new ideas that are more in tune with modern living. Work need no longer be restricted to a specific place and location and to limit ourselves to brick and mortar offices would be akin to regressing to the nineteenth century.

A skilled, talented workforce is an asset to the nation and it would be a shame to lose out on such a valuable resource just because of our unwillingness to adapt to modern concepts. The new flexible working and virtual working methods are truly revolutionising the way people now do business and have not only proved beneficial in enhancing productivity, employee morale and retention rates but have also boosted the economy during the recent recessionary times.

Become a Home Based Entrepreneur

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