The Arise Homeworking Model Continues to Gather Political Support

The Arise Homeworking Model Continues to Gather Political SupportArise EMEA has been heavily involved in two events this week, both of which have further enhanced the company’s standing within the higher echelons of the political sphere here in the UK. On Tuesday night, EMEA CEO David Cartwright and EMEA Director of Strategic Sourcing Dickon Moon met the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Osborne (pictured speaking at the event) at a networking event in Chiswick hosted by fervent advocate of the Arise model, Mary Macleod MP. The event allowed the Arise team to press the Chancellor on his plans for encouraging companies enabling work to be brought back onshore, and Arise is planning to follow up with information provided by the second event. This was a Homeworking Symposium at The Houses of Parliament, hosted by Arise EMEA and attended by a selected blend of clients, potential clients, industry experts, MPs and the senior Arise team in the country. The findings of the symposium are linked in the article below.

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Arise intends to continue to shape and drive the political agenda with regard homeshoring in the UK in 2014, and with cross party political will, there are clear signs that the groundswell of opinion is in our favour!