Starting up a Small Business – the Solution to the Family vs Career Dilemma

Stepping into the twenty-first century has definitely made us more tech savvy, more receptive to changing trends across diverse fields and more liberal in our thoughts than we used to be. Yet, despite all the rapid progress that we seem to have made in various spheres, we still cannot claim to have achieved real broad mindedness, real equality and real freedom. To what else would you attribute the subtle discrimination that takes place at the workplace towards new mothers or towards women who have just revealed about their being in the family way? Cloaked in socially acceptable niceties, veiled hints are dropped, as disparities slowly but surely begin to get more and more obvious. With limited possibilities of career advancement and an unequal pay package, new mothers & mothers-to-be cannot but help feel indignant at the obvious injustice of their situation.

Although the law guarantees every woman the right to a maternity leave, the real issues surface after the new mothers return to work. With many corporate offices still following a regimented 9 to 5 schedule, this creates a veritable conflict of interests for new parents with childcare responsibilities. The inflexible routine, coupled with the prospect of slower progression and a reduced pay is ample reason to keep many women in similar situations out of the workplace.

Starting up a Small Business – the Solution to the Family vs Career DilemmaThe Silver Lining

The positive outcome of such a scenario is the mushrooming of small businesses – many of them home based – that allow people from all walks of life, across age groups and social situations to work from home at hours convenient to them, without having to compromise on their family commitments. Removed from the indifferent work cultures of corporate offices, small business thrive on close knit relationships that aim to co-operate for mutual benefit. Small home businesses therefore serve as the ideal alternative for women (and men too) who want to break free from the tyranny of unfriendly workplaces, preferring instead to work on their own terms.

Start-up assistance

There are a plethora of grants and allowances for those intending to start independent businesses – The New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) or to help create opportunities for home based work – The Home working Fund.

Starting up a Small Business – Becoming a Home Based Entrepreneur        

Arise Virtual Solutions has been the driving force of the virtual working cause since 1997 and has successfully partnered thousands of home based entrepreneurs and helped them to set up independent businesses that offer the highest quality customer service to reputed brands across US, Canada, UK and Ireland. Being the owner of your very own home based business can be your answer to the disparities and discrepancies experienced by many in the corporate world – your way of having the cake and eating it too.

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