Work From Home with the Power of the Badge

I recently attended an open day near Victoria in London. It was organised by Arise, in conjunction with the Working Mums website and was aimed at introducing the Arise ‘ work from home ’ model to those interested in hearing about it. Interest had also been boosted by the recent legislation that enables all UK employees to request flexible working.

Although the day was hugely subscribed, with around 90 planned attendees, a far smaller number was actually able to attend, perhaps due to the extreme heat on the day in central London.

Those that did attend had a huge range of questions to ask after the presentation, which was delivered by EMEA Director of Strategic Sourcing, Dickon Moon, and these ensured that the session lasted well over 2 hours.

Work From Home with the Power of the BadgeOn my way home on the train, I was still wearing the badge Dickon had given me to wear at the presentation – it said, ‘Work from Home, Ask me how’ with the Arise logo on it.

During my journey, I was approached by 5 ladies and 3 gentlemen; each of them asked me what the Arise work from home model was all about so I sat at a table seat and gave them some information. They were so interested that I then plugged in my laptop and showed them the Arise website and gave them my contact details.

They all disembarked from the train prior to me but by the time I arrived home, two had already called and left messages on my voicemail.

I have to say I was rather impressed; all this interest simply because I was wearing my badge that said “Work from home, ask me how”! Every time I leave to go out now the badge will be with me – I am off to Gateshead Metro Centre shopping centre tomorrow and I will be wearing my badge then too alongside a pocket full of business cards just in case!


Gillian Robson is an Arise Agent via her own Independent Business, Start Right Virtual Solutions Ltd.