Growth of contingent workforces opens up new ‘ work from home ’ opportunities

Growth of contingent workforces opens up new ‘ work from home ’ opportunitiesWhen the government announced back in June that flexible working would be opened up to all UK workers, there was an element of uncertainty amongst some employers about losing their reliable, full-time workforce. And whilst some companies, like Yahoo, were bringing all home workers back into the office, others were embracing the chance to develop a more flexible and adaptable staffing strategy. The government argued that it would help people to better manage their work-life balances, help companies retain talent and boost long-term employment.

The reality is that there are already a growing number of people in part-time, flexible employment, with many of them choosing to deliver these hours by working from home. And the figures are growing.

In a recent research study carried out by Mike Ettling, President of HR for SAP/Success Factors, it was highlighted that companies’ workforces are more important than ever and how you chose to manage them is critical in delivering a successful business.  His advice stemmed on the provision of a highly diverse workforce that offers flexibility in order to meet the challenges being faced by businesses in a tougher economic environment and highlighted that “the incredible growth of the contingent workforce to be the single largest workforce transformation happening today.”

At Arise, our business model is all about managing and delivering on-demand workforces, with thousands of people being trained and developed to deliver the best at-home customer service provision to large, consumer-facing brands. We are driven by the economic need to be flexible, addressing both day-to-day and seasonal fluctuations in demand by offering brands the chance to staff up or staff down depending on their real-time needs. We believe this makes companies much more competitive and profitable and also addresses the growing demand for those wishing to work from home.

The report also highlighted how only 40% of business offered their employees the opportunity to expand their skillset. At Arise, agents can choose to upskill themselves as much as they wish; agents are free to enter into training programs that arm them with the knowledge required to work across multiple client accounts and subsequently increase their earning capacity exponentially.

In the 2014 Contingent Workforce Index, a report which assesses the extent to which a country and its contingent workforce may meet the needs of an employer, the United Kingdom ranks 10th out of 25. Whilst this may not seem that impressive, when you compare the size of our population (and therefore potential workforce) to other countries in the table, all of them, bar New Zealand, are huge in comparison. Our ability to compete on a global scale in the contingent workforce market only goes to reiterate the quality of UK workers.

The report also stated that contingent workers make up one third of the total workforce population, which equates to millions of people, and how this type of work allows people to develop new skills and adapt work to suit their lifestyles – a foundation that Arise is built on.

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