Two’s company – refer a friend and both share the benefits of working from home!

Two’s company - refer a friend and both share the benefits of working from home!In 2014, Arise launched its UK CSP Pioneer Referral Programme. With the continued growth of our business, and the need for more agents to deliver our services, Arise introduced a referral scheme to encourage current agents to spread the Arise word so that more people can benefit from our flexible work from home model and enjoy a working life that suits them, their families and their lifestyle.

Once a referral has serviced for one month successfully on one of our client programmes, the referring agent will earn a £250 reward for their Independent Business. This can be done over and over again, with £250 being paid for each successful referral. The first agent to benefit from the scheme is Susan Sweetnam, who referred her sister Anne-Marie Curran. Both of them live in Northern Ireland.

Susan’s Story
Susan has been a qualified Arise agent for approximately 5 ½ years and currently works under StartRight Virtual Solutions on the Sky Concierge program.

Before becoming an Arise agent Susan worked as a PA, but after having twin boys she didn’t feel that going back to work full time was going to be the right choice for her family. Keen to spend as much quality time as possible with the children, but also continue to earn an income, Susan went on the hunt for a work at home opportunity.

As opposed to paying for expensive childcare, enduring the daily commute and missing out on vital time with her two boys, Susan now enjoys the benefits and flexibility that working from home offers.

Susan said: “Arise has allowed me the flexibility to work around my family commitments. I love that I can choose my own hours and that I have no travel to get to work. Compared to my previous job, there are times when I miss the interaction with other people however having the chatrooms to log into when we are servicing helps you to not feel isolated. The benefits are numerous.”

Anne-Marie’s Story

Anne-Marie has been an Arise agent since August 2014 and also services the Sky Concierge program. She previously worked as a Quality and Environmental Manager but following redundancy, was on the lookout for a new challenge. Anne-Marie’s husband works shifts so she ideally needed a job that would accommodate his non-standard work patterns plus, with two small children, wanted to ensure one parent was at home with the children at all times as opposed to paying for childcare. Going back to working in an office 9-5 again was not top of her priority list.

Anne-Marie was referred by her sister, who has partnered with Arise for quite some time, so was always aware of the nature of the role and how it worked for her. Now Anne-Marie is enjoying a similar lifestyle without a commute, giving her the flexibility and freedom she craved and enabling her and her husband to raise their children together without the need for expensive childcare.

She said: “I don’t miss the traditional office environment at all as I do interact with other people, just not in the traditional sense. I have made some great friends since taking on this work. There is the feeling you are never alone as during each shift we are signed into a chat room with colleagues and advisors. If you chose to work for Arise it will be different, it will be challenging at times but it is very rewarding and so convenient. The flexibility of being your own boss is fantastic and it is almost always possible to book shifts that suit your exact requirements as they are available in 30 minute slots.”

To find out more about our referral scheme, or to become an Arise agent, please click here. For Terms and Condition click here.