8 interesting ways to liven up your home office

A-5When you work from home and spend your day in your home office it is worth investing some time and energy creating a productive workspace. The famous saying “Work is what you do, not where you go” is an inspiration for most home workers, and for individuals who aspire to work from home. If work-from-home has offered you an opportunity to maintain a great work-life balance, then you owe it to yourself to set up a proper work space.

If your workspace has started to look a little uninspiring, then it’s never too late for a makeover. Here are a few ways to spruce up your home office and add some colour and fun to your work environment.

Soft wall

It is vital to separate your work space from your home life, and a soft wall is a great way to create a flexible partition within a room. You can twist or adjust its shape in accordance to your space and convenience. The best feature of this wall is that it is lightweight, as it is made of paper, and it dampens more sound compared to most other room partitions.

Bean bags

Bean bags are a great way to add colour and comfort to your work space. They can be used in numerous different ways, and can be placed anywhere within your work area. All you need to do is add a coffee table and you are good to go.

An ergonomic chair

If you have a proper desk then it is important to team it with an ergonomic office chair. Your comfort level matters a lot while you are working. Replace your old chair with an ergonomically correct office chair in a patterned or coloured fabric. Your back will thank you for this.

Add more shelves

A cluttered desk or table can be depressing and create confusion while you are multitasking, or when you are on an important call with your customers or clients. It is vital to arrange your equipment systematically so that you can reduce desk clutter. Incorporate adjustable open shelves beside your desk to keep all your important equipment in place, creating a clear and tidy working environment.

Incorporate good lighting

Make sure your home office has good lighting, especially if you like working during the afternoon or late at night. Instead of adding a basic black or white lamp, smarten up your work space with a funky or colourful desk lamp. This will brighten up your mood even on the gloomiest work-from-home days.

A chalk-board wall

A chalk-board wall is an interesting way to liven up your home office. Whether you feel like writing down your ideas, preparing a timetable for the day or need a space to brainstorm, a chalkboard panel in front of your desk should do the trick.

Create a terrarium

Did you know that plants in the workspace can help reduce stress and boost productivity? So why not introduce a terrarium to add a touch of nature to your workspace. You don’t need to add big plants or pots that usually take up a lot of space; instead, you can reap the same benefits from a terrarium.

Photography wall clock

If you like bright and colourful pictures or photography, a photography wall clock would be a classic add-on to your office desk wall. You can put up a picture of a beach, landscape, or something that you clicked yourself. Wouldn’t this be a great way to keep a track of time and feel motivated at the same time?

If you enjoy working from the comfort of your home, then your home office does not have to look like a typical corporate cubicle. Depending on your comfort and convenience, you can make your workspace as trendy and quirky as you want. If you are looking for reliable work from home opportunities in the UK, join the Arise network to earn an income, without bearing any of the usual cost and time constraints of working in an office. To know more about Arise, get in touch with us today.