Advice for Mumpreneurs


A lot of people dream of working for themselves – but when you are a mum, the idea of working flexible hours is especially enticing. You can choose how and when you spend time with the kids, save time and energy commuting and strike a better work-life balance.

That said, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone – it requires a considerable amount of discipline and the ability to multitask.

Here are some tips for mumpreneurs who are juggling the responsibility of work and children:


  • Devise a schedule

Work out how many hours you can devote to your business. Figure out whether you can fit your work around your kid’s schedules or whether you would need to invest in child care during the day.

  • Do lots of research

Look into your competition and find out what makes you unique and appealing. Learn more about your target audience so you can generate better results.

  • Keep learning

Attend training sessions and workshops to stay updated on the latest tools and information that will help you be the best in your business.

  • Market your business

Your business plan should include a marketing plan about how you will promote your business via digital media. Look into advertising, PR and marketing options and spend at least half an hour every day on this.

  • Social media is everything

These days you need to have a strong online presence in order to make a mark in the business world. This means being present on networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. It also helps to have your own website that clients can refer to.

  • Be organised

Maintain a spreadsheet that details your expenditure, revenue, contacts etc. This will help you when filing your tax return and also when you need to refer to information in the future or make a business plan for the following year.

  • Network

Foster connections with other mumpreneurs who are in similar situations. You can do this by joining Facebook groups and discussion boards for entrepreneurs. Subscribe to magazines and attend conferences and exhibitions.

  • Keep time for family

While you might have to put in long hours, work nights and sometimes work on the weekend, make sure that you set aside time for your family. Schedule time with the children and your spouse in the same way that you chart your to-do list for the day/week.

  • Find time to relax

Building a business while raising a family can sometimes be exhausting. Ensure that you make time for your own relaxation, whether it’s a walk in the park or a quiet cup of coffee. Reward yourself for all the hard work you put in.