From Little Acorns Grow Big Trees – Small Business Success Stories

From Little Acorns Grow Big Trees - Small Business Success StoriesSetting up your own home-based small business can be highly rewarding. Entrepreneurs are using their homes to bring business ideas to life.

The obvious benefits of working from home are that you save time on commuting, have the choice to build your business around your family life and experience the joy of working for yourself.

Here are some success stories of people who turned their work from home businesses into a success:


Argentum Apothecary

Joy Isaacs, 40, created the brand Argentum Apothecary which is now available in several countries around the world. After undergoing major abdominal surgery, wherein doctors used wound dressings infused with silver to treat an infection, she was inspired to create a luxury skincare business based on silver. In 2010 she launched La Potion Infinie which is an anti-ageing cream that won a Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award in 2014. Joy still works from home so that she can pick up her children from school and spend quality time with them.

Great Little Trading Company

Co-founded by two parents in 1996, the Great Little Trading Company provides hard-to-find products that are essential in creating organised homes. The brand designs and makes a unique collection of products that young families really need. Since 2004 GLTC has won the annual award of “Best Children’s Retailer” eight times and also been voted the Best Independent Retailer in 2015 and the Best Online Retailer in 2014. The brand focuses on creating good-looking, essential wooden toys that encourage learning through play and facilitate smart storage. They also manufacture bedroom furniture and accessories that create beautiful spaces.

Movement for Modern Life

Kat Farrants, 40, had to restart her life in 2011 with the end of her marriage, no job and no home. She had been practising yoga for 20 years and knew some of the best teachers in the UK. When she moved into a friend’s house in the country and couldn’t find good yoga classes online, she decided to do something about it. She launched her own website in 2013 which connected yoga teachers with people who couldn’t get to a class. The site now features more than 350 videos and boasts thousands of subscribers worldwide. The website, Movement for Modern Life, believes in supporting the very best teachers, so they can help to share their practices.

Tips to grow your business

Any good business idea must be supported by good market research. Once you have a concrete idea, you can work on a solid business plan that works out how you will generate sales, pay bills and make a profit.
1. Stay true to your company mission

Stay focussed on the plans and ideas that are aligned to your company goals. This means making decisions keeping in mind the bigger picture. Your customers will also appreciate consistency and recognise you as a dependable brand.

2. Build a strong client relationship

Having a good rapport with your customers is imperative in determining the long-term viability of your business. Respond to customer queries within a 24-hour period and ensure that you offer the best service.

3. Focus on quality

As a small business you should never lose focus on quality. There are enough organisations that offer the same products or services, and customers are likely to go elsewhere if they are not satisfied.

4. Have an updated website

Your website is a representation of who you are as a business. Use your website to advertise your products and services. It should also have a contact page and social media share icons.

5. Actively market your business

Find new ways to market yourself through social media sites, emailers, advertisements and more. This will help you connect with potential customers and also spread the word about your business and services.

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