How to build your first small business website?

How to build your first small business website?Are you still running a small business without a website? If your answer is a yes, you might want to rethink your strategy: “In today’s information age of marketing, a company’s website is the key to their entire business”- by Marcus Sheridan, author of the Sales Lion Blog and a marketing speaker.

A website is a necessity for both a small business and a home-based business. Having a website can serve as an electronic “business card,” with information about you, your business and the services you offer.

Many small businesses still do not have one, largely because they can appear to be too complicated or expensive to develop, but that is not necessarily the case.

Here is a guide on how to create a basic website that will allow customers to locate your small business and learn about the products/services that your company offers.



A step-by-step guide to help you design a website

Step 1

Decide the purpose for your website

The first question you need to ask yourself is what is your website going to do for you?

A small business website generally serves as a space to provide general information about your company or a direct platform for e-commerce. If you don’t plan to accept payments online, then you don’t have much to set up. But if you’re a retailer or a service provider, then you might also want to sell products and services directly online. In addition, writing a blog (including a strong call-to-action) will be a good way to generate interest and attract visits.

Step 2

Choosing your business website’s domain name

Your domain name should contain your company name, as it is important for search engines like Google (particularly when people search for your business online). Try to keep the domain name short, and steer clear of abbreviations, acronyms and numbers. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Step 3

Choose a web content management software

If your primary purpose is e-commerce, you should select software which is specifically designed for e-commerce. However, if e-commerce occupies a small part of your website, then you can get free or low-cost add-ons like Joomla and WordPress.

Step 4

Choose a plugin and template

Having decided what software you’ll be using for your website, the next step is choosing a template. Both WordPress and Joomla give you thousands of different template options, giving your website the look and feel you want. There are free templates available but don’t be shy to spend a small amount for a premium template that meets your requirements.

Step 5

Organise your website

This step includes getting your logo designed and other visuals like menu selections, and the kind of information you want to put on each of those pages. The starting point is certainly your menu – be careful in organising and structuring the information on your website, and always keep in mind what you might want to add at a later date so that your initial design can accommodate it.

Step 6

To develop content

Content has to be compelling to visitors and convey the right kind of information. When you write copy, think about it from a sales perspective. You also need images alongside the text. Visuals can include art graphics, product images or other media content that might illustrate your process to delivering your services/products.

Step 7

Populate and maintain your website

Using a webpage editor enables you to cut and paste text from a word document and upload images from your computer. Before publishing anything on your website, you can preview the material and easily edit it again at a later date. You can also hire a web developer to do these things on your behalf and, if any custom work is required, your costs should be relatively modest.

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