Predicting small business trends for 2016

Predicting small business trends for 20162016 will be a year for major changes in the way that small businesses operate and succeed.

There will be abundant opportunities and also new obstacles to overcome for a small business. From new policies to harnessing new technologies, there is a lot in store.

Here are a few predictions of what small businesses can look forward to in 2016:

  • Continued growth in the New Year

The small business sector is diverse, inventive and challenging. Small businesses are competing with large brands and corporations using innovative techniques and approaches. It is predicted that in 2016, small business owners will pick up winning strategies, increase profits and achieve ongoing success.

  • More scrutiny from customers

Consumers now have higher expectations from brands. They respond better to fairness, good marketing and quick resolution of complaints. Small businesses need to be very aware of their online presence and whether it is having the desired impact on their target audience.

  • Implement mobile strategies

Digital marketing and branding will have to take into consideration the fact that most consumers today use smartphones for their social media and communication needs.

Google has new mobile optimisation guidelines and so not having a website with a responsive mobile design can affect your SEO ranking.

  • More cloud-based services and cybersecurity

The New Year might see more private and hybrid cloud-hosting solutions which will enable companies to feel more in control. This will also help small businesses be more efficient, reduce overhead costs, increase profitability and level the playing field in the market.

  • Adapting to new technologies

With a growth in the number of people using mobile devices to make payments for shopping and browsing, social selling becomes even more relevant. Small businesses will need to focus on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest and improve their digital commerce capabilities.

  • Using analytics to make better decisions

Consolidated reports and predictive analytics are going to be more refined in 2016. In addition to using vendor data, external data like social profiles and platforms will also be taken into consideration. This will help small businesses get even more accurate buying signals from prospective customers while getting updates on existing customers as well. Another exciting development would be the rollout of emotional analytics that will gauge the emotional engagement of a customer towards an ad or digital signage on a website.

  • Rethink marketing strategies

Public relation campaigns and social media tactics will need to be more progressive in 2016. This means websites optimised for mobile browsing and connected to social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Small businesses will need to rethink marketing strategies to work around ad-blocking software and engage with a greater audience.

  • Emphasis on collaboration and social responsibility

Collaboration among small businesses will transform the way that small businesses operate. Additionally, it is also important to be a part of deep social change in the way of creating products and services that have a greater impact on the world as a whole.

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