Why Your Small Business Should Use LinkedIn and How

Why Your Small Business Should Use LinkedIn and How

With over 400 million members and a new one signing up every two seconds, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is the world’s number one online business networking platform. But, how many of you have spent the past few years thinking of it as a professional version of Facebook?

The answer would certainly be ‘a large number of people’, many of whom have rushed to join LinkedIn without really understanding what makes it so useful to a small business.

LinkedIn is the marketing hub of many social selling executives and solopreneurs. A recent Wall Street Journal study also indicates that 41% of small businesses feel that LinkedIn provides them with the most potential to grow their business.

How you can use LinkedIn for small business goals?

LinkedIn is the new business card, and content is the new networking tool for all businesses today. However, LinkedIn has a social contract (like any other social channel) with its members, along with key clauses where it clearly states that it is not just another sales channel or a place to promote a coupon. It is an editorial and publishing channel and, when used correctly, it serves as the ultimate solution for every small business. Here’s how.

  • You can expand and increase your relationship currency with your network, especially with key contacts
  • Build your credibility by posting relevant and quality content
  • Expand the reach of your business by leveraging your employee base

 5 ways to use LinkedIn for a small business

  1. Create a LinkedIn company page

Having a LinkedIn company page lets you highlight your services and amplify your brand to distributors, association members, customers and others.

  1. Run your personal/small business company page as a SEO campaign

Search engine optimisation is a must for every small business that has a profile on LinkedIn, in order to ensure that customers are able to find the business when Googling it. Another way to increase your company’s ‘findability’ is by incorporating a pay-per-click campaign – include keywords in your headline, summary, anchored text, job descriptions and endorsements to improve your SEO.

  1. Find and join a LinkedIn group with local ties

Over 70% of customers use groups to research, network and make buying decisions. It is therefore recommended to join at least 50 LinkedIn groups to be accessible by other group members and to regularly participate in 3-5 groups to network with other business owners and influencers.

  1. Blog on LinkedIn

Blogging is a new content networking tool that will help you build credibility. Post articles regularly on LinkedIn to reach and connect with your audience. Most customers are influenced by blog posts, and generally share it on their profile – this way you’re getting your message circulated with different audiences. In addition to that LinkedIn pulse serves as your daily professional news digest. The pulse feed will show you posts that people in your network share or comment on, stories that mention your company and breaking news for industries that are relevant to you.

  1. Leverage each employee within your small business

Train and leverage your small business employees as brand ambassadors to build a brand, narrating your company story and accessing their incremental network.

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