5 Simple Ways you can Market your Small Business Successfully

5 Simple Ways you can Market your Small Business Successfully

When starting out as a small business, it is incredibly important to market yourself well. A PR company is usually a good investment, but if you can’t afford a third-party to look after your marketing needs, then there are things you can do yourself to market your brand.

Having a good PR and marketing strategy is the most cost-effective way you can raise awareness about your business.

Here are some small business marketing tips:

  1. Build a strong fan base 

Your current network includes existing customers, family and friends who know your business. These are people who will refer you to a potential customer and recommend your company via word-of-mouth.

As a small business, you should connect and interact with everyone in your network. You can do this through surveys and campaigns that help you get specific feedback. To make campaigns more engaging, you can offer incentives like gift cards and discounts when someone recommends your business.

A loyal network is a stepping stone in the right direction. It will help you project your business to a wider network of potential customers.

  1. Tie up with bloggers & reviewers 

Get local bloggers and reviewers to write articles about your company and the services you offer. Pitch to at least five bloggers a week to find the ones that would be interested in blogging about your brand. A blogger with a good number of followers can help grow your visibility.

If you have a product to offer, you could try and get it reviewed by major online retailers. Testimonials from existing clients are also a good way to build your brand image and reach out to new clients.

  1. Use social media reach 

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have a wide reach. Make sure that your small business is active on all social platforms as they are free and can help you target clients locally and globally.

Make sure that you post content consistently, even if you’re just posting one article, link or image a day. The more consistently you post content, the better it is to build fans, engage and network. Share content that is relevant to your organisation and industry and make sure that you share content that will add value to your readers.

  1. Blog about your industry

To build awareness of your brand, you need to become an authority in your industry. While having a social media presence is very important, you need to generate your own content that is interesting.

Blogs are the easiest way to create content, share information and boost your company presence online. Use industry-relevant keywords in your blog articles. They can be research-based articles, interview-articles, updates on what’s going on within your organisation, predictions for the New Year and much more.

  1. Send out a newsletter

Newsletters have been known to show really good returns. A monthly newsletter is a good way to reach out to your target audience frequently. You can share blog articles, reviews, industry news, creatives and much more in your newsletter while linking to your website and contact information.

Another reason why newsletters are such a popular choice is because it gives you additional data. You can monitor and analyse the links that get the most clicks, newsletters that get the most opens etc. Use email marketing solutions like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, SendLoop etc to send out your newsletters. They offer templates that can be customised to meet your requirements.

The key to marketing success is being consistent. The more consistent you are, the more recognisable you become and the easier you can be found online. The approaches mentioned above will help you engage customers, build relationships and grow your brand image.