How to avoid feeling isolated when working from home?

How to avoid feeling isolated when working from home?

There is no doubt that ‘working from home’ has many benefits, but there are considerable challenges as well.Human beings are social creatures. Even those people who enjoy their solitude, cannot be happy with their own company for a long period of time. So, do you feel isolated sometimes when you’re working from home?

You might want to look at these options.The best way to resolve this issue would be to make ‘planning’ your most important priority.Also, scheduling meetings outside home can bring all kinds of benefits – fresh perspective, new ideas and a renewed passion for what you do.

Before we look at other ways to fight the loneliness of ‘working from home’, here’s evidence and statistics on why this issue needs serious attention.

How many people are working from home in the UK?

The number has risen to its highest level since records began in 1998. There were 4.2 million UK home workers in the first three months of 2014, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Almost two-thirds of home workers were self-employed in 2014. Also, ONS reports revealed that only 34% of home workers were employees of an organisation, with a small remainder being people who worked unpaid in the family business.

Some more ways to overcome the isolation of ‘working at home’

  • Phone calls

Make business calls first thing in the morning so you’re immediately hooked into life outside the house. It will also help you plan priorities for the day. Sometimes you may want to chat with your friends or family, but be careful – don’t encourage them to ring you during your work hours.

  • Hold weekly meetings with other home workers

You could have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with a couple of your friends who are working from home. These meetings will add a fun element to your work process. It will also motivate you to look forward to these meetings, as it helps you socialise and connect with people who can relate to the work-from-home concept.

  • Be active online

Whilst nothing beats the pleasure of interacting with people face to face, online socialisation can be a great solution if you’re unable to meet anyone in person. In this internet era, there is definitely no shortage of online channels to meet new individuals. Particularly, with the explosion of social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here are some interesting online activities:

  1. There are a lot of work-at-home forums available online, where you can connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles and challenges.
  2. Try attending a free webinar, teleconference or Twitter party – where you can discuss a specific topic and receive feedback from other attendees.
  3. Blogging is another habit you can cultivate. It gives you a platform to share your feelings and thoughts. It’s fun and very social.
  • Join a club or class

Besides your passion for work, what is it that interests you? Invest your free time in working out or reading a book, or join a club/class to practice your interest. You can check out your local newspapers for events, classes and club listings. By joining a club, you will not only get out of the house, but also get introduced to new people with similar interests.

Here’s another solution.

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