How to stay healthy while working from home?

How to stay healthy while working from home

Despite the numerous advantages of working from home, it can be challenging to stay healthy and fit while working out of a home office. If you’ve been having a tough time balancing your health with your workload, or feel your health slipping as a result of your work routine, here are a few useful tips to help. These will not only help you feel more balanced, but more productive as well.

Define clear work-life boundaries

In today’s fast-paced culture, it’s easy to get carried away with work and neglect your personal health. But always remember this can come at a great price – it’s essential to have clearly defined boundaries when it comes to personal life and work. A large part of this balance comes from creating a work schedule even if you are working out of your home office. Start by planning your week and ensuring that you have allotted a fair amount of hours for work-related tasks, personal errands, family and leisure time. Most successful entrepreneurs follow a number of healthy habits to ensure a balanced work-life routine. Infact, given the amount of stress associated with running your own business, focusing on your health is extremely important.

Daily habits to reduce stress:

  • Exercise everyday
  • Spending time ‘unplugged’ – disconnect all your tech devices for a few minutes everyday
  • Spend time with family

Find a work-out routine that suits you

Whether or not you work from home, an exercise routine is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. At this point, like any other member of the competitive corporate culture, you have probably spent time researching various fitness options. From Zumba to swimming, the choices are endless – what’s important is to find a work out that suits your needs. Most experts agree that visiting a gym everyday can be helpful, if the gym is close to your home; if the gym is too far away it’s unlikely you will stick to a routine. Other interesting options include ‘treadmill desks’ or ‘standing desks’ which offer a challenging but innovative approach to staying fit.

Stock the kitchen with healthy snacks and meals

Snacking during work is common across all workplaces and needless to say we’re all tempted to venture into the kitchen looking for something to brighten up a dull afternoon. The best advice is to keep junk food or unhealthy snacks out of sight and instead stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables on your weekly trip to the grocery store.

Keep your workspace relaxed and clutter-free

You do not necessarily need to have a dedicated room when working from home. A corner in your living room or bedroom that’s been specially set-up as a workspace will suffice. By creating a dedicated workspace, you can raise your productivity and remain focused. The key is to keep the space clutter-free and well organised and give it a professional feel. Minimise distractions and decorate the space in a way that helps you feel comfortable, yet productive.

Working from home is often the best of both worlds for most people and is an ideal way to balance your personal life with your professional responsibilities. If you’re looking for an opportunity to build your own business, get in touch with Arise today – we can help you kick-start your work from home journey.