5 Skills that are essential if you’re working from home

If you’re thinking about joining the millions of people who enjoy the benefits of working from home, you may also be wondering whether you have what it takes. We list down the most important necessities for you.

Top skills to help your work from home journey…

Computer Savvy

As anyone working from home will tell you, a lot of your work will be done on a computer via the internet. First things first, you need to have a fundamental understanding of how a computer works, both hardware and software. This doesn’t mean you can’t rely on a professional in the event your system crashes or you’re struggling to fix a problem; but it helps to know how to install an antivirus or convert a word document into a PDF. Also, if you’ve never used Skype or email platforms like ‘Outlook’, now’s the time to learn.

Some of the specific computer skills that are a must-have include, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email platforms and Skype.

Marketing Skills

Regardless of the type of home business you are running, at some point you will need to sell yourself as a brand. This could mean setting up your own website, blog or social media profiles, all of which can help you highlight your work and talents. There are several online resources that can help you brush up on your marketing skills and get you started.

Problem solving

As an independent business owner, you are responsible for the smooth functioning of your business. This means you should equip yourself with the right tools and the right attitude to deal with any issues head on. If you’re someone who needs a lot of guidance and finds it difficult to work independently, this may be the time to change that. Running your own home business is a great opportunity to build confidence and learn to depend on yourself.

Writing and Communication

While these skills apply to almost every work sector these days, it is particularly essential for home workers, as much of the communication you do takes place via phone or email. Effective communication can be learned and really comes down to confidence and insight into your business. If you can clearly convey your message to customers or colleagues and make equal efforts to understand what it being said to you, you shouldn’t have any issues.


Although this may not be strictly defined as a skill, balancing your personal and professional life is really important when working from home.  Since you are working out of a space that is traditionally considered the hub of your personal and family life, it might be an adjustment to view this as your new ‘office’. Learn to keep office hours and fix a schedule (although your working hours will be flexible). The key is to clearly separate work time from personal time.

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